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Who would have thought eh?

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I used the extension regularly when I was on Reddit, as a mod it was a godsend for figuring out whether a user or subreddit was posting a lot of transphobic material. It works great on Tumblr and Twitter, but doesn't seem to have any functionality on Reddit thanks to not having been updated in 8 months. Any good alternative for Lemmy?

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If you're the creator of the community you should have a trash icon on Web that lets you delete the community.

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It's cherry-picking if you only use one dictionary. It's present in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.


Ultimately I'd never use it. It's archaic and not in common enough use generally to feel good to use. Similar to monkies as the archaic version of monkeys.

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I think that's a good policy honestly. It at least shows effort that you want to keep the community to send a message saying you'd like to keep it before giving a detailed explanation. The 5 days is definitely more of a "we've heard nothing from this user at all." That 5 days is still up to be workshopped a bit, we're just trying this as an opening standard.

Realistically, I think if somebody sent a message saying "I'm still willing to be active and run the community" we'd take them at their word and consider that request to take over a community as denied if it were an outside user. Somebody can always request it again if they don't make an effort to moderate the community after that, and we'd notice if there were a pattern of them saying they'd moderate the community and then not following through.

For top mod removals it's a bit more complex and we'd want a more detailed answer regardless, but I think a response of "Hey I'm busy this week but I can message you Monday next week" is reasonable.

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Six months is longer than even Reddit's standard. We're not going to do that.

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In some cases, communities are set to be moderator-only, which is to say that only moderators are allowed to post in them. As well, we want to avoid community squatting by power moderators (think 20+ communities with no interactions) who create communities so they can keep controlling them later on when people suddenly start using them. This was the bane of Reddit's existence, and something we don't want to have propagate over to Lemmy.ca under any circumstances.

Regardless, this is why we have the 5 day window for moderators to respond to let us know what's going on, so we can get that context. Ultimately we don't want to reassign a community unless it's obvious that the user moderating it has no interest in actively moderating, or is holding onto it in bad faith.

Thanks for contributing. These are perspectives we want to keep in mind.

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Howdy folks,

We're launching c/CommunityRequests to combat a growing issue on Lemmy.ca in general, which is unmoderated communities. What this will do is allow you to apply to take over an unmoderated community by posting in c/CommunityRequests a request to take the community over. Ultimately we decided to steal the system used on Reddit, but with some modifications to make it a bit more fair to users submitting requests.

Our initial guidelines are as follows:

  1. A community will be considered unmoderated if the moderators have not interacted with the community for over a month.
  2. Users may request communities where no moderators are interacting with the community.
  3. Moderators within the community may ask to have the top mod replaced if the top mod is inactive, but other moderators are still active.
  4. In both cases, moderators have 5 days to appeal the request. If no appeal is received within the time-frame, the request will be granted by the Admin Team to the requestor.
  5. Requests made in bad faith will be rejected. For example, requesting a community you have been permanently banned from for justified reasons, or requesting a community in order to completely change the purpose of it for the worse.

These guidelines may be adjusted a bit as time goes on. This is a new system and we're going to need to try things for a bit to see if they work or not.

In any event, feel free to start using the community immediately. Please give us feedback on your thoughts and ideas!

Cheers, Ms. SourCreamAndGarlic

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Please note that even if you have no moderation experience, we can run you through the basics of how to moderate a community on Lemmy. Don't let a lack of experience stop you from applying!

Moderators Wanted (self.mensliberation)
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The primary moderator of this community is inactive, leaving the community in an unmoderated state for over a month.

As a result, we are soliciting applications for new moderator volunteers. Based on the number of reports we see, the workload is fairly light and shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes per day.

Applicants must be regular posters or commenters in the community, have an account at least one month old, and be in good standing in the community (i.e. no bans).

For those interested, please nominate yourself by posting a comment below about why you would like to be a moderator for the community. If you support or oppose the user in question, please add a child comment with a +1 or a -1 and the reason why you do/do not support them as a community moderator. We'll pick from the top-ranked users in the comments after about 48 hours.

Regards, SourCreamAndGarlic on behalf of the Lemmy.ca Admin Team

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Information that doesn't surprise anybody who's renting right now.

Glad it's being presented to homeowners and boomers though.

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Mostly. r/197 wasn't really a sequel to r/195. It was mostly made up of people banned from r/196.

Source: I'm a former r/196 mod.

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Losing a pet is one of the hardest things you can go through. I hope they'll be okay.

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100%. Life is too short to spend it standing in line.

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It gives fecal transplants a bad name too.

They are a perfectly valid treatment for actual colon-related health issues. They are not a "cure" for autism. Autism isn't something that needs to be cured.

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