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I read the article. It's just that the box is in the back of the image. Everyone expects it for Xbox. Putting it in back makes sense.

Also this is dumb. I was expecting to see exclusive content or someone worth being upset over.

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It's an ad. Same with the offers to save for whatever the latest sale is. I'm already paying. Ya got me. Leave me alone.

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Except comfortably!

<3 My OG PSP but the controls are butt.

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If I understand right, it is tracking work software. So work PCs. I had already assumed anything in a work setting can be used against me. It doesn't make it right, but this won't change my behavior. I already assume corpo-degeneracy is afoot anytime I touch work-tech.

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Nobody is winning here long-term. Microsoft is growing its subscription service and every step is with that in mind. Getting people to buy their games now, like Starfield, is likely seen as closing the gap a little more towards encouraging that.

Like all of these things, it will be great and a value at first and then a squeeze for more money with less offerings. People en masse will say they won't be a part of it, and then record profits (like Netflix right now) will be shown.

Not all is doom and gloom though. Indie games are rapid fire releasing, Linux is growing due to Valve and Chromebooks, and I found a ten dollar bill in my pocket this morning.

I'm mostly frustrated with always online games. They remain the enemy for longevity and nonsense outside of the MMO space.

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Since everyone else is piling on negatively, I appreciated your friendly reminder.

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Samara Weaving liked that.

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I think they rebuilt the game in Unity. I do know they say to not go with the one on GoG as it is outdated. I only learned about the whole thing yesterday.

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For anyone new to this, Mac regularly talks about their efforts in gaming and then regularly does little for it. What's the alternative, say aloud that gaming isn't anywhere near a priority for you?

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Ask to watch them pee.

You went weird real quick.

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Plus no subscription and horizontal design so you can take breaks comfortably.

It's worth seeing in my opinion if someone enjoys the genre. The only oddity to me is that it doesn't offer controller support and hasn't found its way onto consoles. It isn't an old school MMO with too many buttons.

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The marketing was so bad for it. Commercials didn't do it justice and they had these huge cardboard printouts of the cast in theaters where it all looked like cheap props. I don't know where the disconnect was, but I remember my buddy commenting how cheap it looked. He's a Baldurs Gate player from way back, but he dismissed it right there with what looked like a cheap bald cap.

Turned out to be a wonderful escape.

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