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I don't know if I've got this right but it would appear that the proposal will broaden the law holding the definition for child pornography to include watching porn and sexting. So you'll wind up as the same category of a sexual predator as an actual child molester.

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That's what I thought too, but the author made an interesting point:

Calabresi suggests that the January 6 attack fits the definition of a "riot." Perhaps so. But "riot" and "insurrection" aren't mutually exclusive concepts. An event can be both at the same time. Indeed, that's a common occurrence in history.

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A conservative professor made a counter post saying how Jan 6 was not an insurrection. Quite frankly I think this guy's false equivalencies are equal parts scary and hilarious. Jan 6th wasn't an insurrection because not enough people died, then he made a bunch of whataboutisms. The party of family values needs to learn empathy.

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¿Por qué no los dos?

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I'm going to be echoing a lot of these comments, but it really is a matter of perspective. In a day, a week, or a month after the anger inducing event, will you really be proud of yourself if you got angry and died on that hill? Once I realized that it really helps with a lot of other negative emotions like doubt, anxiety, and sadness.

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"Deez Nutzwork" lmfao!

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I feel like my comment was unclear. I'll edit it now. Sorry for the confusion.

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I feel like my comment was unclear. I'll edit it now. Sorry for the confusion.

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Thank you for clarifying what you meant with your original comment, it's most definitely a message I'm more on board with! At the end of the day, we are more human rights while the right is more tax cuts for the rich.

There's also no need to thank me for not shaming you, but it is appreciated and you're welcome! Just because we're on the internet doesn't mean you're not owed basic human decency.

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I definitely agree with what you're saying. Some people are too far gone that no amount of facts and logic will persuade them. Innuendo Studios put out an excellent suite of videos on how the alt right is like an abusive relationship and a cult. I won't waste your time reiterating his points.

I do have a friend, let's call him Greg, who is ultra religious and genuinely believes that he needs a carrying permit for his firearm because there's no way to tell who has a gun willing to put him and his family in harms way. He also believes a lot of the talking points that you would expect about abortion, LGBTQ rights, etc. Whenever I debate Greg, he backs up his claims with how he feels and the superfluous fact that erases some pretty important context. He has no idea he's being misled on issues specifically designed to polarize us. Greg also believes that white people are the most discriminated against in today's world, and trans people "are coming". He's very fearful of his fellow man for someone who's supposed to love his neighbor, but as his friend of almost 10 years, I know he would never hurt a fly.

With the exception to abortion, he's been slowly outgrowing this culture of fear and is adopting more middle of the road stances. I'm not sure how he snapped out of the fear-mongering, but I'm just glad he did.

There's always hope.

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I'd implore you to re-read my comment. I'm asserting a call to action to those who can be saved. Nazis wish harm on their fellow man. Let them rot.


When I say let the Nazis rot, I mean lock them up and throw away the key. In my opinion, those who deny others their freedom should be doomed to having their freedoms stripped away.

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My first instinct was to shame you for your indifference of right-leaning human lives lost, but I would rather use this as an opportunity to educate since I thought the same as you at one point.

January 6th was a violent insurrection, and as a result of that violence, people who were doing their jobs were traumatized to the point of suicide, and the traitor Ashley Babbitt is immortalized as a saint. The "GQP" will look at comments like yours and say "THE LEFT HATES TRUE PATRIOTIC AMERICANS AND WANT TO KILL US" to rally their supporters into a frenzy. Leaders will use more polarizing language and all but ensure the next January 6 style attack will be bloodier and more effective. Innocent people will be wrapped up in this, and people will die, whether you think they deserve it or not.

We need to treat this with the urgency of a severe mental health crisis. We're quite literally witnessing mass cult brainwashing where people I love and respected fall down this rabbit hole of an abusive relationship between themselves and these far right provocateurs. For those that have not committed crimes against their fellow man, we should work towards helping them. For those who have, let the courts deal with them and have them rot.

I want it that way (lemmy.world)
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