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These codecs are called “lossy” because they discard most of the audio data. Typically, they reduce the 1,411-kilobits-per-second data rate of CD-quality audio to around 300 kbps. The discarded data represents audio that the human ear is less likely to detect, such as a soft sound in the presence of a similar but louder sound. Some codecs allow higher data rates, thus requiring less compression and offering the potential for better sound.

It’s because it’s inferior and degrades the quality of the audio.

Not everyone cares, but it does make a difference in gaming when it comes to listening to footsteps and other stuff. Desync is another issue in fast paced games.

You are also perfectly capable of using most headsets with the console, you just need a dongle.

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You still can’t just say a women raped a man though, you would get sued for libel.

It still creates a divide that puts one in a worse light, even though there is an “equivalent” crime.

Next round going. (lemmy.world)
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Seeds 2x Durban poison germed Jan 6, 2x super silver haze clones cut Jan 6, 1x jalapeño and 1x sweet bell.

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The bud that’s not worth trimming and the sugar leaves all get put to the side to the be dried before tossing around the screen to collect the kief.

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This is just for storage while I get around to trimming it. Wet weight was ~3400g final dry weight was 411g.

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Total wet weight with stems 3461g. Doesn’t mean much but I like the information for reasons.

Expecting to get over 500g (80% loss to moisture +stems) which will put me happily over 1g a watt.

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Day 56, website says 65-70 and I try to do 70 unless she says otherwise.

I’ve noticed plants that exhibit anthocyanins seems to age faster where it purples, so while the purple parts are well over 20% amber, the green still shows mainly clear to milky. I always have a though time telling. Took some phone pics while the scope is charging.


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These will sit in there for about 2 weeks, checked every couple of days to make sure the plugs don’t dry out.

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Well I mean it did work. You have now shared it and made it a meme for others to enjoy, it’s fulfilled it’s task successfully.

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Things run out at different rates (let’s call it on purpose so it’s not one LARGE bill). I try to buy in bulk as it’s cheaper in the longer run. Would buy larger sizes… but let’s be honest, life gets in the way and this stuff does have a shelf life.

This order was a hair over $250 CAD

~$40 for the scissors $50 for the bc boost $50 for the thrive alive And ~$110 for the sweet raw.

Technafloras product is Sugar Daddy, but they were sold out, it’s $70. I’ve had to replace it before.

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This strain has given me both sides of the phenotype scale.

I’ve found to prefer the popcornesque type on the right myself, easier to trim, less prone to airflow issues. Although harder to deal with during the stretch.

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Clickbait title is clickbait.

They told the chatbot to do something and it did it. No one in their right mind should think that’s “convincing” by any stretch of the definition.

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My kids little league tried that, lasted a game before they realized that having a biased ref that doesn’t know the rules doesn’t make for a fun experience for the kids.

One of those sounds great in theory things, which is why it’s probably such a popular fallacy to spread.

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That’s what the world told itself last time….

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The issue is a little more nuanced than that. Most buildings can only install a few EV chargers before they need to upgrade the mains, and if that needs to be done, the transformers likely aren’t adequate, and the local grid may not be able to withstand it as well.

The owners costs ends at the transformers, taxpayers and the energy corp are in for the rest, and until the energy corp upgrades the grid and transformers, building owners can only do so much.

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This is all well and good for people who can fall sleep right away, a 20 minute nap would mean an hour alarm since it would take 40 minutes before there is a possibility of napping.

Everyone is different though.

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Sensationalist bullshit headline.

The formulas will change to meet the new standards….

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I used to condone this, but people are stupid and can drive on the flat tire until it explodes, potentially putting other peoples lives at risk.

Not worth it for some petty revenge.

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