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Can you feel the timelines branching?

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Thank to distantsounds for the template.

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This post was inspired by a post I was reading yesterday. With Honor mode recently being released I thought it would be nice to have a post compiling tips and tricks that might help you get those coveted golden dice.

Here are five that I use every run:

Priestess Gut I go into her room that she brings you to and then have shadowheart drop a silence on her. She can't shout for help and no one hears her die.

When you first encounter Balthazar fight him where he stands. This fight is much easier here in his original room since you only fight Balthazar, his bruiser, and three medic ghouls. When you go to the Nightsong you just walk up to her with no resistance.

For the Self-Same trial in the Gauntlet of Shar I take my rogue character (pc or origin) and separate them from the party then I unequip all my gear and weapons. Then I activate the self same trial. This makes the trial only have 1 person and he will be naked. Then I put on all my gear and I sneak attack finishing the trial in usually one round but sometimes two.

As you head to the temple of bhaal there is a turn limited fight. I just pop an invisibility onto my rogue and have him sprint to the waypoint invisible and by himself and then teleport everyone else to the waypoint after it activates.

When you are at the brain stem leading to the final fight if you have Gale in your party you can skip the entire final fight. Just send Gale up alone and he will confront the brain by himself leaving everyone else alive. This kills Gale so if he is your husbando you have a tough decision to make.

Anyone else have any good tips to get past some of the tougher fights?

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Also wolverine would be the best to RP as a halfling.

Yes, that poison! (startrek.website)
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This woman has worked in politics for nearly 30 years. She has no idea what work even is anymore.

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Yeah, pigs don't like to be corrected. Or made to look like they don't know what they're doing.

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People don’t want to bring children into this capitalistic hellscape. Color me surprised.

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Luke at 23 - Jedi Master

Anakin at 23 - Not a Jedi Master

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The most invasive animal on the planet.

I think humans win that trophy.

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Hand starts shaking when he can't update once an hour.

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Same vibes:

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I read that as Intel the computer chip manufacturer and was so confused for a second.

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The United Federation of Planets straddles the line between the Alpha and Beta quadrant. They are about 50/50 on either side. In fact the line runs right through the Sol system so half the year we Earthers are in the Alpha quadrant and the other half we're in the Beta quadrant.

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Basically trump wanted this guy to lie. He was using a trump pac sponsored lawyer at the time. Smith says “hey we’re gonna investigate you for perjury because we found evidence that you did fuck with the tapes so you might want to get a non trump aligned lawyer”. Soon as he gets a public defender he changes his tune and sings like a canary blaming it on trump et al and now he isn’t being charged since he’s cooperating.

Sounds like trump and his ilk are turbo fucked on this. Only the first guy to sing gets immunity usually.

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That is undoubtedly why the Marion County Attorney has now withdrawn the search warrants because, to use his own words, 'insufficient evidence exists to establish a legally sufficient nexus between this alleged crime and the places searched and the items seized.'

Then why did the county attorney issue the warrant if there wasn’t enough evidence? Sounds like Marion county is corrupt.

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Hottest 36 days ever recorded...so far.

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