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Such an expressive face

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Your photos are bringing back great memories, I did a semester of uni in Australia

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My brain’s going to be singing that all day

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Don’t give them any ideas lol

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During playtime petting requires dodging the mitten daggers

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He doesn’t fit on my books as well anymore though

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Those eyes! I’d give her all the treats

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The Car Song - The Cat Empire

It’s funny because last week I was listening to this song again and thinking about 15 years ago me hearing this song for the first time. And how much it resonated with me because I totally related to the “I really need to buckle down and apply myself but something always distracts me and crap now it’s Monday again where did time go” undercurrent in this song.

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There’s a store near us that almost always has some kind of sale going on. The catch is it isn’t immediate savings - you have to fill out and send in a rebate form. If you manage to do that, they send you “store credit” as a physical piece of paper you have to remember to bring to the store. I often wonder what percent of rebates never get submitted or used. Probably pretty high.

I had a laugh the other day because one of their competitors was advertising an “instant savings, no waiting for rebates” sale.

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Enjoying your coffee means sharing

Protein Bread (midwest.social)
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Protein bread is what the recipe calls it. You blend cottage cheese with egg whites and use that as some of the liquid in the dough. It’s a good chewy bread, I like it toasted with some cream cheese.

Edit: I forgot to mention this recipe uses bread flour so isn’t gluten-free

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I need all your tips, tricks and ideas - both to help my kid get started on and finish her work, and to help me get through it. Because currently it’s painful for both of us. I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin, sitting with her and trying to make myself stay focused so I can help her stay on task.

What does your evening look like? How often do you take breaks and what do you do during the break? Do you have any fidgets, wiggle chairs, etc., that you keep in the “homework area” for them to use while they’re doing their homework? Anything you’ve learned almost always derails things?

What we’ve tried so far (she’s in 4th grade):

  • Do one entire item (ex: worksheet, reading passage, spelling list) then take a break and do something fun - this works for some things but others we’re sitting there for 20-30 minutes struggling to finish it
  • Set a timer and do as much as she can in 10-15 minutes then take a break - this works well at the start each evening but each time it’s more of a struggle for both of us to come back and do more homework. I feel like it may be too many transitions for our tired, end-of-day executive functioning abilities (or lack thereof).
  • Earn a small piece of candy for each question answered, math problem solved, etc. - This works well for math, but I don’t like to use it before we eat dinner, and usually we do at least some homework before dinner.

I just want to help her find some skills she can use to tackle “have to do” things - because as we all know it’ll be a daily struggle even as adults (at least during the work week).

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Soft French bread (midwest.social)
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Still pretty new to bread making. I think I needed to add a little more flour and next time I won’t egg wash the slits I cut. But it’s tasty!

Trying a new heel (midwest.social)
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Lifeline is in so I’m ready to try the fish lips kiss heel for the first time. If you’ve done this heel before I’d love to hear how it went.

Two at a time toe-up socks with a P1, K3 pattern across the top of the foot, yarn is Knit Picks Stroll Gradient in Storm

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