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“You know and I know it’s the toughest, most efficient, most effective border security bill this country’s ever seen,” Biden said. “So instead of playing politics with the issue, why don’t we just get together and get it done?”

Biden touted the bipartisan border bill as “a win for the American people,” calling it a “truly bipartisan initiative.” He called on the Senate to reconsider the bill, asking senators to “set politics aside” and for House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., to put the bill on the floor.

“We need to act,” Biden said, adding that Republicans in Congress needed to “show a little spine.”

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Veteran left-wing political maverick George Galloway won a vote to become the new lawmaker for the English town of Rochdale on Friday, vowing to be a thorn in the side for the opposition Labour Party before a national election it is tipped to win.

After running a pro-Palestinian campaign, Galloway won over many of Rochdale's Muslim community by attacking both Labour and Britain's governing Conservatives for supporting Israel in its war against Hamas, making a foreign conflict the major issue - unusual in a by-election when local concerns usually dominate.

Elected to parliament for the seventh time, Galloway will be an irritant to Labour, a party he once belonged to before being ejected for criticising then-prime minister Tony Blair over the Iraq war.

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ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan’s National Assembly swore in newly elected members of parliament on Thursday in a chaotic scene as allies of imprisoned former Prime Minister Imran Khan shouted and protested what they claim was a rigged election.

Lawmakers from Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party repeatedly chanted “Vote-thief!” as Shehbaz Sharif, who’s expected to form the next government, entered the parliament with his brother Nawaz Sharif. Both men are former premiers.

Outgoing National Assembly Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf administered the oath to incoming legislators at noon.

The parliament will elect a new prime minister on Sunday, with Shehbaz Sharif facing only one rival in the vote — senior leader Omar Ayub of Khan’s PTI.

Ayub, like other lawmakers backed by Khan — who was barred from running in the Feb. 8 election — joined the Sunni Ittehad Council to meet a legal requirement to sit in the legislature as PTI was barred from the ballot under its official name and its candidates had to contest the election as independents.

The house echoed with chants of “Long Live Sharif!” when the Sharif brothers signed the register after taking their oaths of office. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the young chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party and a key Sharif ally, was met with similar chants.

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ACCRA, Ghana (AP) — A bill which criminalizes LGBTQ+ people in Ghana and their supporters drew international condemnation Thursday after it was passed by parliament, with the United Nations calling it “profoundly disturbing” and urging for it not to become law.

In a statement, Ravina Shamdasani, spokeswoman for the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner, said the bill broadens the scope of criminal sanctions against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people simply for being who they are, and threatens criminal penalties against those perceived as their allies.

“Consensual same-sex conduct should never be criminalized ... The bill, if it becomes law, will be corrosive, and will have a negative impact on society as a whole,” she said.

The bill, which was voted through by parliament in the West African nation on Wednesday, was first introduced three years ago. It criminalizes relationships, sexual activity and public displays of affection between members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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One of the worst single tragedies to occur during Israel’s war with Hamas took place Thursday, when scores of Palestinians were killed trying to access food aid in Gaza city.

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MEXICO CITY (AP) — A panel of U.N.-backed human rights experts on Thursday accused Nicaragua ’s government of systematic human rights abuses “tantamount to crimes against humanity,” implicating a range of high-ranking officials in the government of President Daniel Ortega.

The allegations follow an investigation into the country’s expanding crackdown on political dissent. The Ortega government has gone after opponents for years, but it hit a turning point with mass protests against the government in 2018 that resulted in violent repression by authorities.

In the past year, repression has expanded to large swaths of society with a focus on “incapacitating any kind of opposition in the long term,” according to the independent group of U.N. experts investigating the issue since March 2022.

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HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema Thursday declared the country’s debilitating drought a national disaster and emergency, saying it has devastated food production and electricity generation as the nation battles to recover from a recent deadly cholera outbreak.

Like some of its neighbors, the southern African country is suffering a severe drought as the El Nino weather pattern worsens harsh weather conditions attributed in part to climate change.

In an address to the nation, Hichilema said he has instructed security forces to focus more on food production in the largely peaceful country.

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MEXICO CITY (AP) — The flow of thousands of migrants daily through the treacherous migratory highway, the Darien Gap, has been cut off following the capture of a number of boat captains who had been ferrying the migrants to the starting point of their jungle trek.

The stoppage began when Colombian law enforcement captured two boat captains in the northern city of Necoclí on Monday. The companies that employed them halted all transport services in protest, effectively cutting off the officially estimated 2,000 people a day that enter the jungled passage hoping to reach the United States.

It has led to a build up of as many as 8,000 people waiting to cross between Colombia and Panama, the Colombia’s Ombudsman’s Office confirmed Thursday. The office, a governmental human rights watchdog, has warned that the buildup could “overwhelm the health system, food supply, among other things.”

“We can’t wait until things collapse and it ends in a violation of human rights” of already vulnerable migrant populations, said Carlos Camargo Assis, the head of the office.

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Israeli forces opened fire on Thursday as a crowd gathered near a convoy of aid trucks in Gaza City in a chaotic scene where dozens were killed and injured, according to the official Palestinian Authority news agency and an Israeli official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

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Woods argued the “dirty secret” is that customers weren’t willing to pay for the added cost of cleaner fossil fuels.

In his comments Tuesday, Woods argued the “dirty secret” is that customers weren’t willing to pay for the added cost of cleaner fossil fuels.

Referring to carbon capture, Woods said Exxon has “tabled proposals” with governments “to get out there and start down this path using existing technology.”

“People can’t afford it, and governments around the world rightly know that their constituents will have real concerns,” he added.

“So we’ve got to find a way to get the cost down to grow the utility of the solution, and make it more available and more affordable, so that you can begin the [clean energy] transition.”

For example, he said Exxon “could, today, make sustainable aviation fuel for the airline business. But the airline companies can’t afford to pay.”

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The number mentioned by US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin seems to exceed casualty figures previously released by Palestinian health ministry in Gaza

During a congressional hearing on Thursday in Washington, US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin said that since 7 October, over 25,000 Palestinian women and children have been killed by Israel in the war on Gaza.

The statement came as an answer to a question from Congressman Ro Khanna in a hearing called, "A Review of Defense Secretary Austin's Unannounced Absense", by the House Armed Services Committee.

"About how many Palestinian women and children have been killed by Israel since October 7th?" Khanna asked.

"It's over 25,000," Austin responded.

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The toll of at least 30,035 killed, from Gaza's Hamas-run health ministry, has previously been described as trustworthy by the World Health Organization's (WHO) regional emergency director Richard Brennan.

The WHO says the ministry has "good capacity in data collection" and its previous reporting has been credible and "well developed".

But its overall tally of those killed does not distinguish between civilians and combatants.

The Gaza authorities' last demographic breakdown from 29 February indicated more than 70% of those killed had been women and children.

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Gaza’s government media office accused the Israeli army of “committing a horrific massacre”. More than 70 people were killed and about 250 others wounded, it said in a statement on Thursday.

The citizens had congregated at al-Rashid Street, where aid trucks carrying flour were believed to be on the way. Al Jazeera verified footage showing the bodies of dozens of killed and wounded Palestinians being carried onto trucks as no ambulances could reach the area.

“I have been waiting since yesterday. At about 4.30 this morning, trucks started to come through. Once we approached the aid trucks, the Israeli tanks and warplanes started firing at us, as if it was a trap.

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By raising for the first time the idea of sending troops to Ukraine, the French leader "has taken a further step toward belligerence," blasted his rival Marine Le Pen, of the far-right Rassemblement National (RN) party. She accused him of "posing an existential risk to 70 million French people, and more particularly to our armed forces already deployed in Eastern Europe."

"You've been waiting for the first opportunity to remind people of your true loyalties [and] "show your true colors," retorted Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, who had left the Paris Agricultural Show to attend the verbal joust. "When you read the investigations that are being carried out, [such as one published by the Washington Post on December 30, showing the RN's persistent links with Moscow], you have to wonder whether Vladimir Putin's troops aren't already in our country," he continued. "I'm talking about you and your troops, Ms. Le Pen."

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In one example, Israel claimed an image showed aid trucks entering Gaza when they were actually driving away.

A damning analysis of the argument presented by Israel’s lawyers in its defense against South Africa’s genocide case finds that Israel’s legal team made false or misleading claims about evidence that it submitted to the court, undermining its arguments that its massacre in Gaza is justified.

This includes assertions, the lawyers argued, that Israel had good reason to carry out raids of hospitals across Gaza like Al-Shifa in Gaza City, for instance, and that it has allowed a sufficient amount of humanitarian aid into the region, when closer analysis by Forensic Architecture, a research group at Goldsmiths, University of London, finds in its report released this week that Israel’s lawyers misrepresented its evidence to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

In one instance, the group found that an image of a line of trucks carrying humanitarian aid that Israeli lawyers claimed were driving into Gaza was actually an image of trucks driving away from Gaza toward the Egypt-Israel border in order to be “checked” and likely dismissed by Israeli forces and protesters.

Using open-source satellite imagery, videos and 3D stills, the group found that, in all, Israel’s defense team incorrectly labeled, annotated or testified about nine pieces of visual evidence it submitted to the ICJ in its case last month in order to bolster their claims.

One photo presented by the Israeli legal team showed what they claimed was a rocket launch testing site for Palestinian forces next to a water desalination plant — but, according to Forensic Architecture, what Israeli lawyers labeled in the photo as the launch site actually aligns with craters left by the types of bombs that Israel has been dropping on Gaza.

read more: https://truthout.org/articles/israel-made-false-claims-about-its-own-evidence-in-icj-defense-analysis-finds/

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