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Lemmy is not going to be Reddit. It will not inherit the reactionary behaviours. Ensure civillity and disengage if uncomfortable. Have a good time!

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So I opened Google Lens for the first time in years to identify a logo, and got prompted by this. Thank you but no thank you

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u mad, state? (lemmy.world)
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This is good news, hopefully the FTC actually does something.

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I haven't deletes my Facebook account yet because I need the messenger functionality. But I haven't used or accepted Facebook terms from November about targeted ads or paid subscription.

Now though, I don't need the Facebook account any more. Here are some long screen dumpsnof further information

I was also verybpleased to find an option in Facebook thatbleta you transference pictures fr your accounts to drop box (or other cloud storage services)

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The article discusses the use of targeted advertising data by government agencies, particularly focusing on how a technology consultant demonstrated the security risks posed by Grindr's data to national security agencies. It highlights the widespread availability and potential surveillance applications of advertising data, as well as the government's interest in obtaining and utilizing such data for intelligence purposes.

Why is this worth the read? It goes into detail how these data exchanges work and the mechanisms of obtaining such data. We often hear about the result of these actions, but how these actions are performed are described within.

(clear your cookies to read the paywalled article)

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I'll disable the 2nd one for sure. 3rd one, too... 1st one stays enabled.

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This might also be an automatic response to prevent discussion. Although I'm not sure since it's MS' AI.

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Github dislikes email "aliases" so much that they will shadow ban your otherwise normal activities for months, and once flagged, support will request not only a "valid" email domain but also that you remove the "alias" email from the account completely.

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I use YouTube without being logged in and have some youtubers that I page manually from time to time to watch their new videos. Do you know of an extension for Firefox to privately add and manage those youtubers?

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I like the uses of true caller even though it isn't always correct it does come pretty close but having it in my phone is too big a price to pay .

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I might have misunderstood this but is Android really trying to push this as tracking as a privacy upgrade, simply because it let's us choose which of our interests we want advertisers to have access to?

lost website (lemmy.ml)
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someday ago I saw this website about privacy and anonymity that had links to other websites, it had something to do with the durian fruit, the website was something like "durian network", I cant find it, literally, I cant remember the developer's name or anything that could help me find this website, it also had a link to an alternative version of gitea, all in purple with a durian fruit on the mug, if you know the website pls help me, also yeah, no search history, I was using the mullvad browser.

ps. I'm literally starting to think that this website actually never existed and I got some kinda of mandela effect, looks like the internet deleted what I'm searching and its weird that I didnt exported my search history or wrote down the link in some text file or piece of paper.

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I found one but after a limit you cannot use it anymore without making an account now i can surpass it by using different ip but the conversation wouldn't go in a flow and it will get tiresome fast so if anyone know one which meets these criteria do comment .

EDIT : I want a website not something to locally set up as i am not asking it anything that serious and isn't concerned about privacy that much.

EDIT: Thanks for the suggestion but the craze for using LLM's have worn off for me hope someone else finds this useful. Ciao.

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I first used Linux about 5 years ago (Ubuntu). Since then, I have tried quite a few distros:

Kali Linux (Use as a secondary)

Linux Mint (Used for a while)

Arch Linux (Could not install)

Tails (Use this often)

Qubes OS (Tried it twice, not ready yet)

Fedora (Current main)

For me, it has been incredibly difficult to find a properly privacy oriented Linux distro that also has ease of use. I really enjoy the GNOME desktop environment, and I am most familiar with Debian. My issue with Fedora is the lack of proper sandboxing, and it seems as though Qubes is the only one that really takes care in sandboxing apps.

Apologies if this is the wrong community for this question, I would be happy to move this post somewhere else. I've been anonymously viewing this community after the Rexodus, but this is my first time actually creating a post. Thank you!


Thank you all so much for your feedback! The top recommended distro by far was SecureBlue, an atomic distro, so I will be trying that one. If that doesn't work, I may try other atomic distros such as Fedora Atomic or Fedora Silverblue (I may have made an error in my understanding of those two, please correct my if I did!). EndeavourOS was also highly recommended, so if I'm not a fan of atomic distros I will be using that. To @[email protected], your suggestion for Linux Mint Debian Edition with GNOME sounds like a dream, so I may use it as a secondary for my laptop. Thank you all again for your help and support, and I hope this helps someone else too!

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A set of smart vending machines at the University of Waterloo is expected to be removed from campus after students raised privacy concerns about their software.

The machines have M&M artwork on them and sell chocolate and other candy. They are located throughout campus, including in the Modern Languages building and Hagey Hall.

Earlier this month, a student noticed an error message on one of the machines in the Modern Languages building. It appeared to indicate there was a problem with a facial recognition application.

"We wouldn't have known if it weren't for the application error. There's no warning here," said River Stanley, a fourth-year student, who investigated the machines for an article in the university publication, mathNEWS.

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