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Think like cellos and thunder and other low sounds. Why are they relaxing?

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If you were sent back to the roman era and could only bring a backpack of goods. What would you bring?

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I just mean a good drink to help go low(er) sugar?

kombucha (low sugar)

coconut milk (no added sugar/low sugar)

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If yes, where would you move to?

If no, why not?

I ask this as someone who has moved around a lot (5 states) for better working opportunities. I often hear people say they wish they could leave their current city/state/country, but money is often (understandably) an issue.

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I'm the dumb one but I make her laugh.

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I was thinking about how the American and French Revolutions are sometimes seen, especially by Marxists, as more 'successful' versions of the English Civil War and the Commonwealth.

Nowadays, whenever people suggest even mild leftwing ideas, someone pops up and says 'Sure if you want to end up with STALINISM' so, I was wondering if people said the same thing about Cromwell and the Roundheads before the American Revolution? Like, 'If we get rid of the British, next thing you know they'll be cancelling CHRISTMAS!'

The parallels between Cromwell and Washington are pretty obvious: 'successful revolutionary general defeats the monarch's forces in a war that started as a dispute about tax, then becomes the new head of state' applies to both. Did people at the time see the comparison or were the two men and the two conflicts seen as very different?

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I myself wanted one of those remote controlled air planes. I thought that's the coolest thing ever. Once I grew up and had the money, I never bought it.

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I ask this because I live in a country with the classic seasonal variation most peoples mind comes to if you say seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter).

I enjoy the variety in activities and I am always happy once a season ends and a new one comes with new activities and especially vegies and fruits that come along that season.

Here in Germany I am always hyped for the next season to start and I enjoy all of them. Spring in April comes with Asparagus, Rhubarb, later on strawberries, ... summer with fresh pears, cherries etc.

I could go on.

And not only speaking of food, also activities. Swimming in Summer, hiking in Autumn, Snowboarding in Winter, cycling and hiking in spring, swimming and stand up paddeling in summer and so on the cycle repeats every three to four months new activities.

I have been to SEA a lot and I like it there too but I couldn't imagine a life without the seasons and I couldn't imagine living in a place where it's either dry season, wet season and so on.

Edit: I know people get use to where they live but I was in Australia once in my life during winter season and it just never felt like christmas. It always felt weird. I need the cold and rainy or snowy days here in Germany to make it feel like "winter, christmas".

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Are there any good Peertube channels?


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The US is supporting Israel through what we can mostly all agree is a genocide of the Gazans. Clearly, Biden isn't a genocidal maniac, yet he's all in with unwavering support. Why are we doing this? There has to be a logical reason that isn't just "we want Israel to kill everyone in Gaza and take their land a la lebensraum."

We know this is an emotional topic, so please be respectful of each other so that we can have open and clear authentic discussion on the matter.

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I got an email from reddit to the address for one of my old Reddit logins. The text, in part, when visiting the URL they provided (had to be logged in, not all of my old handles could see it):

Yes, it's really happening this time, and as we take the next step toward becoming a public company, we're inviting all eligible redditors to participate in Reddit's IPO.

“Eligible” you note skeptically? Yes. Unfortunately, there are a ton of imposed legal restrictions defining when, who, and how we do this. So while our goal is to give all redditors the same access to stock as institutional investors (why should they have all the fun?), our lawyercats tell us we must follow specific rules listed below.

Our Directed Share Program (“DSP”) is set up to let eligible users and moderators own a piece of Reddit by purchasing Reddit stock at the same price as institutional investors when we IPO. We will offer this opportunity to as many redditors as we are able to accommodate, and the number of people who can participate is limited.

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Picked up a bottle of squash and got to wondering about the term "squash", so I went digging around on the internet. Of course all the returns are squash (cucurbita) not squash the drink. Keep digging and more specificity and finally find out the obvious, "sqaush" is a concentrated fruit juice. No shit. Dig more and finally find out that it's originally from a drink called "lemon squash". Real helpful. So where does "lemon squash" come from? Who knows. There's a curcubita called "lemon squash" that seems to be inescapable when searching for the origins of the drink.

So natives of where squash (drink) is common...how did it get it's name? I await to be enlightened while sipping my Ribena.

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Endless Spam! (aussie.zone)
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How do we block this constant crap?

I'm sick of blocking these accounts; help out a non-techo-person!

The ones posting all the @something blah blah posts.

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Please tell me I can't be the only one...

If Trump Wins... ? (lemmy.world)
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Americans; If Trump wins in November, what are your plans?

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This could be things that once were commercialized but are now public domain, or have largely resisted commercialization to this day. In this context I mean this as aiming for profit and being sold/monetized.

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im gonna catch up on sleep

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Ive been on reddit for more than a decade. Kinda bittersweet, but its not the first time I have moved on from an internet site. I just cant support reddit and sucking up all my posts for AI purposes. Feels terrible and spammy. Ive been a reddit premium holder for many many years.

Anyways, what communities do you recommend?

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Hi! I am a member of a race education group in my school (11 to 18) and we are creating a reading list for the library. Our library isn't very diverse right now (most books are written by white people about the West) and we need books on race education (privilege, discrimination, etc.) and on the history (precolonial, colonial and postcolonial, could be on neocolonialism too) and culture of underrepresented people.

Please keep in mind that these books should be acceptable by the school and approachable by students who would be unlikely to accept or read very progressive material, so themes that strongly (just strongly) contradict Western narratives should be avoided.

For example, a book on the colonisation of Palestine that exposes the oppressive nature of Zionism is mostly fine, but a book presenting Hamas as a liberation group would not be accepted (and actually illegal in my country).

You can reply with books or other reading lists that we could then review and add. I'll finish this post with some examples of books on the reading list (keep in mind that it was for Black History Month, so all of the examples are on black people):

African Empires by Lyndon, Dan
Black Power: The Politics of Liberation In America by Carmichael, Stokely; Hamilton, Charles V
I Heard What You Said by Boakye, Jeffrey
The Assassination of Lumumba by Witte, Ludo de.
White privilege: the myth of a post-racial society by Bhopal, Kalwant

Thanks in advance!

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In what ways are you absolutely the stereotype?

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Gracias por mi premier interacción com Lemmy users en español. Soy muchos apreciados.

Are there any other foreign language instances here too? That would be nice as well.

Feel free to list what instances there are for your own native language besides English.

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