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For those wondering what S4C is - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S4C

S4C (Welsh pronunciation: [ˌɛs ˌpɛdwar ˈɛk], Sianel Pedwar Cymru, meaning Channel Four Wales) is a Welsh language free-to-air public broadcast television channel.

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No. Every vendor is going to need to patch their shit, so most likely the OS's are going to kludge something on top to try to prevent uploading logos.

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Sounds good to me. Yeah I'd probably do google forms too.

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Maybe this could be a good end of year thing?

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Holy shit

High five to the person filming for keeping it aimed on the subject.

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Agreed. Although I'm not a user of the sales bot, I think it provides value for others.

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Good timing, I was planning to make a thread today to poll public opinion. Yes, I'm in complete agreement. I don't see anyone here with a solid counterargument either.

Even when 0.19 is out I think these bots are a bad idea. The new users who are most likely to be confused by them, are also the least likely to figure out how to block an instance.

I've defederated us from them for now.

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I personally hate all the reddit cross post stuff, and it seems like the majority of lemmy users do too. I don't understand why people obsess over this as a way to "grow" lemmy.

It doesn't contribute to active conversations, in fact it deters users who reply locally and then never get a response.

Just let lemmy grow organically by making good content and contributing, stop forcing it with mirrors from reddit.

I wonder if we could get the top admins to threaten defederation with any instance that doesn't flag automated posts as bots. This way at least the users have some visibility.

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Steam deck kinda takes the crown for that now.

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The world's biggest iceberg is on the move after more than 30 years being stuck to the ocean floor. The iceberg, called A23a, split from the Antarctic coastline in 1986. But it swiftly grounded in the Weddell Sea, becoming, essentially, an ice island. At almost 4,000 sq km (1,500 sq miles) in area, it's more than twice the size of Greater London.

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What am I missing here? Why can't I unlock everything?

I had the same issue last season, am I doing something wrong?

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Hello all and Happy Thanksgiving!

A few people have asked how the server is doing and I've been meaning to post some metrics for a while.

We're running on a "Advance-1 Gen 2" server with OVH hosted in Beauharnois, Quebec. This is a 6 core xeon 2386G with 32gb of ram and 2x 512gb nvme ssd's (raid 1). It's also ended up being pretty overkill for what we need so we may want to consider downgrading in the future, but it's relatively inexpensive ($130/mo) for what it is.

We store image uploads on OVH Object Storage, consuming about 430gb.

CPU peaks at barely 10%:

Similarly most of our RAM just gets used for filesystem caching. The pattern you see is due to a cronjob I have in place that restarts lemmy each night at 3am PT, since it seems to leak memory for us.

A few weeks ago we migrated our pict-rs over to OVH's object storage platform, so our disk needs are pretty minimal.

and with postgres basically just keeping the working DB in memory, disk IO is mostly just writes:

Database throughput shows some interesting activity happening for the past few days, but I just noticed and haven't dug into who/what might be causing this.

but still performance is fine with most queries returning in under 100ms

Lemmy tends to return 4xx errors hence the high error rates from nginx:

Most of our traffic is still ipv4:

Lastly, we use cloudflare as a caching proxy and ddos protection layer in front of our server. They absorb about 64% of our bandwidth usage:

Let me know if there's anything else you're curious about!

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Lemmy is now upgraded to 0.18.5! This is a much needed bug fix that fixes federation of admin actions.

Unfortunately the server crashed when shutting down nginx (wtf), so there was about 5 minutes of downtime as I hopped onto the console to power cycle it. This is the second time that's happened now, so further investigations will be had =)

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This grass has been growing in a few of my outdoor pots and I don't know where it came from.

Pacific northwest (Vancouver)

Sum 41 - Landmines (www.youtube.com)
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First Blink 182 releasing new videos, now Sum 41. What year is it?!

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These came out a while ago in the UK but I've been waiting for them to show up in Canada, looks like the US just got them so hopefully we're not far behind.

I like the clean look and the light bars look useful, but of course since they're hue they're $$.

Weeeee (lemmy.ca)
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