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Lately I've been obsessed with Tasting History with Max Miller. He recreates historic dishes while exploring the history surrounding it. Very bingeable


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Hey thanks for the response. Just so I understand because I'm new to this...do you think it's more of a particular instance/server issue not associated with Liftoff?

Edit: this is the post that is causing trouble https://lemmy.world/post/2102917

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Biking (as in cycling). Yesterday I biked 25 miles on the flattest trail ever paved. It was so chill. Love MN trails

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Is there a reason why clicking on a post image will immediately cause it to download? This is making me nervous to click on anything.

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That's disappointing if true. I loved Fark back in the day!

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Didn't Stephen Colbert coin that phrase? I thought he said it at the White House Correspondence Dinner or something.

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Yeah I don't think there will be a significant drop in reddit users however I think they'll be a noticeable drop in quality posts and comments. I think with many older gen redditors and experienced mods jumping ship there's going to be somewhat of a void left in the wake.

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It's wonderful to see this here. Thank you for your service o7

I'm also interested in doing this work. I considered joining transcribers of reddit years ago but didn't want to fuck up. Where did you learn how to do this?


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