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I mean... They'd be kind of silly to accept a 2% increase in wages when inflation is much higher than that. That's not a raise that's a pay cut

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Would be interested in knowing what kind of future projects we’re thinking about?

Other than a potential matrix server, I do not currently have anything in mind. The future is unpredictable.

An example of a non-profit effort that I took on in the past is COVID PPE 3D printing with volunteer community printers. If something like that was needed for pandemic or disaster relief again would be nice to not have to go through the trouble of spinning up a new non-profit.

I think we can definitely work with Canadian Open Source Communication Association. Maybe swap out Communication for Community.

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It's been on the back-burner for a bit but it's time that I get on it and register our operation as a on-profit organization. We will be registering under the BC Societies Act. Completing this registration will allow for opening up a bank account under the organization's name and reopen donations and have the previously donated funds transferred from @[email protected] to the organization.

To this date since taking over operations of Lemmy.ca I have personally covered the costs and have not been reimbursed to keep accounting as clean as possible. This will continue until registration has been completed.

First step to this is picking a name to register the Society under. Requirements for the name can be found here.

While the initial main purpose of the society/organization will be operating Lemmy.ca we would prefer a name that would be fit for operations of other open communication platforms as well as other potential projects that we may want to participate in in the future. Something somewhat open ended.

Please give us some suggestions and we will take the suggestions under advisement when picking a name.

Further information on non-profit registration in BC can be found here.

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Correction: "you cannot get any closer legally"

I've seen many people to over the fence. Not a great idea at all.

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The current funds are enough to operate it at it's current capacity for ~11 months. Once we get to accepting donations again and figure out how to set up our accounting, I would definitely like to see a growing contingency reserve fund built up to be ready for future unexpected growth or unexpected slowdown in donations.

We will continue to be transparent in a similar format to this but split the remaining balance in a operating fund and reserve fund.

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Thanks for the kind words. We try our best, and we owe a lot to @[email protected] for setting the right tone got the instance to start with!

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  • option 1: Defederate from Lemmit.Online
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@[email protected] has been subject to multiple reports from our users over the last while.

We would like the users' input on how to deal with it. It is the opinion of the administrators that @[email protected], and @lemmit.online doesn't add anything positive and constitutes spam. We especially want to make sure we get feedback as we are more likely to be sensitive to bots like this and other forms of spam compared to most users as we'll often scroll through "All" sorted by new.

Here are the options.

Please vote by up voting on one of the comments below. Downvotes will be ignored. Additional comments and discussion is more than welcome. Results of this discussion will provide us guidance on how to deal with other bots in the future as well.

If you're not a lemmy.ca registered user, please refrain from voting but feel free to comment with your opinion.

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Currently it seems to be a vulnerability with custom emojis only, which this instance never had, so currently we shouldn't be affected. However this is a developing situation and we will continue to monitor.

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At this point I'm monitoring inter-instance communications channels non stop even though I should be in bed. I will be temporarily removing admins that have not responded to my inquiry to confirm if they have 2FA authentication turned on as initial access appears to have been gained due to lack of 2FA.

If there's anything additinal we can do, we will.

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Out of precaution we will defederate from lemmy.world until this is resolved.

Edit: Lemmy.world has resolved the issue

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Edit: This rule seems to be much more nuanced and requires more thought than we had put in, please continue to discuss below.

It is NOT in effect at this time but highly recommend for regional subreddits at least.

~~The above rule has been added to the instance and will be enforced instance wide.~~ This rule is very common within most existing communities where news articles are shared and avoids sensationalizing the story or attempts at steering discussion by the user posting the article.

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Thank you for the warm welcome. As @Smorks said there are many others behind the scenes that may or may not show up in the admin list over the next while.

We are currently actively preparing to transition the instance to a new dedicated server by the end of the weekend at the latest. We hope this higher powered server will be sufficient for the next few months but are ready with plans to scale up further when needed.

Unfortunately this means that there maybe some short periods of downtime over the weekend. We will make a post announcing planned downtime.

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