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I currently am landlocked, so I am very biased towards anything and everything water based.

I rarely touch anything that isn't 35mm anymore, so its always nice seeing some instant film!

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To be fair, Bethesda is owned by Microsoft. Even before the acquisition, they had no interest in supporting Linux (and I think this is significantly too demanding for the Steam Deck).

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I am really interested and looking forward to game, whether I will play it on release is to be seen (mostly due to my lack of a functional gaming system currently).

Despite both Skyrim and Fallout 4 being fairly underwhelming, their games always end up providing more than enough gameplay for the amount I pay. Their games scratch an itch that is just so unique and special.

However, I am hoping that they push more towards the gameplay loop and depth of Morrowind, give me something to sink my teeth into. I am in general very positive towards a science fiction setting in such an expansive universe (and the potential for mods).

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I have a couple Kiev and Zenits, and once you realise their limitations - they're all fantastic cameras.

Lomo has some really interesting older stuff, a couple TLR that look really neat too.

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I am amazed that you were able to get anything that sharp from the Smena-35. I say that as a massive fan of Soviet cameras.

The glow from the sun on the left really is striking with the double exposure.

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I am currently in the middle of an ongoing week long heat wave and I am comforting myself knowing that relief is only months away!


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