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Am I missing something? When WW itself has added medications to its offerings, why would this result in Oprah leaving the board? Or are those two things unrelated?

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The leaf pattern in the side is beautiful. Nice work. How would you describe the taste and texture of this loaf?

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Lease rights because the building is probably still federal, but the lessee is allowed to operate a hotel and generate revenue from the property.

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Don't let your memes stay dreams

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Everything about this is horrifying.

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If it ain't woke, don't fix it.

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So would you just watch the primordial part of "All Good Things" because yeah omg that would be amazingly confusing. 😉

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I think how common guns are in public depends on where in the USA you live. The number of signs I saw in Dallas and Fort Worth that guns are not allowed inside the building was alarming.

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I mean if a common sense law like that violates the state constitution, it does seems like the problem is in the constitution or how it's interpreted, not the law…

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Seems like a pretty good haul to me.

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Intel claims most consumer software shouldn’t see much impact, outside of image and video editing workloads..

But that's, like the one place other than games where consumers are looking for performance. What's left, web browsing and MS Office?

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Like the community on the other site, this is a place to share your experiences using the TooGoodToGo app. It let's you buy food from bakeries, cafes, buffets, and restaurants that they would otherwise throw out at the end of the day. All locations are welcome. Read the about for the suggested post format.

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[email protected]

More about the app at TooGoodToGo.com or in the App/Play Store.

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The slices are pretty wide even if they're short. Everything was cold but my toaster oven brought it back to life perfectly. Yummy and a good value. Would buy again!

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump was indicted on felony charges Tuesday for working to overturn the results of the 2020 election in the run-up to the violent riot by his supporters at the U.S. Capitol, with the Justice Department acting to hold him accountable for an unprecedented effort to block the peaceful transfer of presidential power and threaten American democracy.

4 counts. The indictment accuses the defeated president and his allies of trying to “exploit the violence and chaos” by calling lawmakers into the evening on Jan. 6 to delay the certification of Biden’s victory.

boba rule (lemmy.world)
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