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Mmmmm, gadgets.

Torn Hamstring (lemmy.world)
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I'm scheduled for a half marathon in 5 weeks. I KNEW I probably should not have deadlifted before my sprint workout. I didn't wake up this morning to run like I should have, so I lifted weights before my running workout. During my sprints, I felt and heard a pop. I immediately felt pain and hobbles to a stop. Fortunately I was in front of my house. I couldn't bend over to untie my shoes and get them off. Luckily my wife was home.

I know this isn't a medical forum and I'm not seeking medical advice, I'm already in contact with my doctor, but I'd like some opinions and feedback (or questions) from others that have experienced the same. Chances of running in 5 weeks? 😢😢 If it was completely torn, I was feel and see a ball of muscle rolled up right?

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Unbelievable. Congratulations!

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I'm using a Garmin Fenix 7, plus the chest HRM strap. I feel like wrist only wouldn't be as accurate. With that said, might not be a bad idea so scrap the chest one since I'm trying NOT to focus on HR so much and go more by effort. Not sure yet.

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Anything over 9 miles or so and my chest gets a gnarly rash right in the middle of my chest where my HRM sits. I put a decent amount of body glide, and no change.

Anyone have a way to combat this?

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Took a week off after my longest run ever on Saturday the 18th. I did 16 miles; ran 4 miles at a jog, 4 miles as a harder pace (10:30/mile for me), and repeated it twice. It was a grest run by my feet were killing me after. Got major blisters since I was wearing (the wrong) new shoes.

Started back up yesterday morning. Did 6 miles and then 6x 100m sprints. Tomorrow I'll do 7 miles and then Saturday I'll do another long run. Not sure what I'll do since my running coach was injured and hasn't prescribed me workouts this week.

My race is the Chevron Houston Marathon in January, but I'm only running the half. My first race ever.

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Thanks. I hope so! I hope my body can handle it though. I'm fit, but not running fit, and I think with mental stress my body is having a hard time recovering.

I'm not sleeping very good and my Garmin watch shows my HRV dropping. Any advice?

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I was making good progress on a half marathon plan. Halfway through, got up to 9 miles on my long run. Very slow pace intentionally but also because I'm slow and new to running. I took a full week off because stress is starting to effect me physiologically. Yesterday was my first run back, also got a running coach, and it sucked!

One mile warm up, repeated a fartlek 3 times of 3 minutes on, 1-1/2 minutes jog, 2 minutes on, 1 minute jog, and 1 minute on, 30 seconds jog. Another mile cool down. Got caught in the rain on the coold down too, lol.

My hamstrings are shot. Tomorrow I have another tasty one that I am but also am not looking forward to.

4 mile run and ending with 6x100m sprints.

I'm aiming for a sub 2-hour half next year.

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I think I need to recover more. I've been making a lot of endurance progress over the last 12 weeks, but my body is telling me I need a break. Waking up during sleep a lot, resting heart rate during sleep is higher than normal, my HRV has dropped significantly, and my Garmin Training Status is strained.

I don't want to sit around and do nothing. I lift weights 3 days a week and run 3 days a week. My weightlifting is normally heavy compound and full body barbell lifts.

How can I structure a recovery week that doesn't put me on the couch?

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My lungs aren't burning at all. I have my breath still, it's my legs

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Thanks for the support. I'm going to take your advice but I just wanted to add that I'm on week 10 of building. It started with two 2 miles and a 3, and built up each week. I'll just keep trucking along.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, in the Texas Heat even at 5am it's about 88F and sometimes 90%+ humidity. It's nasty.

The last 4 weeks average is 10 miles a week. So, not much volume.

I want to enjoy running. I enjoy almost all fitness activities. I really enjoy improving performance. Even though I don't "love" running, I like it enough and want to be good at it enough that I'll stick with it. I'm the type of person that obsessed over a goal or something I'm passionate about.

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Lifelong athlete. 37yr old male. College baseball player. Have been lifting weights for 15 years. Very consistent with my diet, in fact I have my diet dialed in and track calories eat nothing but whole foods.

I've been running for over a year, off and on due to calf and achilles injuries but mostly on. I am on week 10 of a 20-week half marathon plan.

If you look at me, I look very fit. People assume I am very fit because I have decent muscle mass and I'm pretty lean (around 10-11%bf right now). But I really struggle running. I just ran a 7-miler for my long run and it killed me. A freaking 12:53 pace, started at 5am and finished around 6:30am. I am deliberately running in zone 2 to build my endurance base using my Garmin watch and chest strap. I couldn't have run any faster if I wanted to. Running so slow but my average heart rate was 149bpm. All of my other health factors are very good. 48bpm resting heart rate. 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Weight lifting 3 days a week. Running 3 days a week. All blood work in January was great.

Before I focused on my endurance I got my mile time down to 7:33 at around 80-90% effort. I just feel like I should have a better base by now and even though building the mileage takes time I feel like I'm way too slow for how long I've been running.

Am I doing something wrong? Any advice or feedback for me?

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I don't EDC a knife. I use my countycomm mini pry bar almost daily to:

  • pull out staples from documents
  • pull out metal shavings from shoes
  • open packages
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What's the cheapest way to put energy in your vest when running long or in extreme heat?

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Can anyone recommend software or a webpage that can map your QSOs for you? I notice some people post maps with arrows from their QTH to the contact they made.

How are they doing that? I want to try and map our how my antenna is getting out based on my QSO mapping.

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I see. Thanks for the insight.

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Thank you! I literally just read that on the getting started post. However, what if someone else creates the same username as me on another instance?

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I just created my account on lemmy.world today to match the username I have on lemmy.ml.

When I logged in just now, the screen refreshed with a different users name and icon for less than 1 second and then updated to mine.

I thought that was really strange behavior. Has anyone else experienced this? Any idea how/why this could have happened?

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