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  • Terrible format for archiving knowledge
  • Terrible tool for retrieving knowledge
  • Locks community access behind a corporate license agreement
  • Hands control of community-created content to a corporation
  • Prevents indexing by web search engines
  • Antithetical to interoperability
  • Privacy-hostile

A web forum is far better in most cases. If you can't manage to run your own, there are plenty of lemmy servers that will do it for you. Even an email list (with searchable archives) would be better than Discord.

If you have collaborative documents that outgrow the forum format, use a wiki.

If real-time chat is needed, irc or matrix.

A project hosting its community on Discord is a project that won't get my contributions.

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  • fixed [S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; no appID found. from being reported when running non-steam games
  • non-steam games will now run using wine inside proton rather than calling steam.exe with wine then the game inside steam -- this goes alongside the API failure fix
  • controller axis patch added from 8-27 has been removed as it is now properly upstreamed
  • added ULWGL support for non-steam games (https://github.com/Open-Wine-Components/ULWGL)
  • beamng VR patch removed per request by developers, they have stated they will fix the issue in 0.32 (https://www.beamng.com/threads/experimental-virtual-reality.94206/page-27#post-1674152)
  • black desert online now works


  • now using ULWGL-protonfixes
  • can now call the winetricks gui using util.protontricks('gui')
  • winetricks now performs an internet check before attempting any downloads
  • fixed long standing issue with protontricks not being able to install dotnet4* using anything newer than proton 5. works now and no longer requires proton 5.
  • fixed dll overwrites in winetricks, no longer need to maintain a massive list of specific overwriteable dlls in proton
  • protonfixes added for Catherine Classic -- videos now fully working
  • protonfixes added for Ys Origin -- videos now fully working
  • protonfixes for Age of Wonders -- videos now fully working
  • protonfixes added for Model 2 emulator
  • protonfixes added for Alien Breed: Impact
  • protonfixes added for Alien Breed 2: Assault
  • protonfixes added for Alien Breed 3: Descent
  • protonfixes added for Black Desert Online NOSTEAM=1 option. Launch game like NOSTEAM=1 %command% to launch non-steam standalone version.
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How about backing up that letter with some lobbyists?

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  • Fix some crashes happening when using Wayland and a high DPI gaming mouse
  • Fix crash when opening the system preferences tab for a game
  • Reduced the locales list to a predefined one (let us know if you need yours added)
  • Fix Lutris not expanding "~" in paths
  • Download runtime components from the main window, the "updating runtime" dialog appearing before Lutris opens has been removed
  • Add the ability to open a location in your file browser from file picker widgets
  • Add the ability to select, remove, or stop multiple games in the Lutris window
  • Redesigned 'Uninstall Game' dialog now completely removes games by default
  • Fix the export / import feature
  • Show an animation when a game is launched
  • Add the ability to disable Wine auto-updates at the expense of losing support
  • Add playtime editing in the game preferences
  • Move game files, runners to the trash instead of deleting them they are uninstalled
  • Add "Updates" tab in Preferences control and check for updates and correct missing media in the 'Games' view.
  • Add "Storage" tab in Preferences to control game and installer cache location
  • Expand "System" tab in Preferences with more system information but less brown.
  • Add "Run Task Manager" command for Wine games
  • Add two new, smaller banner sizes for itch.io games.
  • Ignore Wine virtual desktop setting when using Wine-GE/Proton to avoid crash
  • Ignore MangoHUD setting when launching Steam to avoid crash
  • Sync Steam playtimes with the Lutris library
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I bought one during the clearance sale for the price of shipping, assuming that it would be abandoned but maybe still useful as a low-power linux server. I guess I ought to set it up and take advantage of it.

Thanks, Valve, for not letting these things become instant e-waste.

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somehow they managed to invent like 90% of all “evil” MTX and DRM in the process

Having worked with DRM systems since long before Valve existed, I'm reasonably certain this is just plain false.

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(This hotfix was released a few days ago, but I figured some people might still like to look over the changes.)

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Your guess is confirmed here.

There are plans to update the forum, including for better security (the main issue with changing the forum software is concern over reliably migrating all of the existing content). After emailing (admittedly not current best practice), the passwords are hashed and only the hash is stored.

...and later...

The forum has been updated to https, and passwords are no longer being sent by email.

Which raises the question of how old OP's screen shot is.

Also, no, the password would not necessarily still be stored in plain text on their end. The cleartext password used in that email might be only in memory, and discarded after sending the message. Depends on how the UBB forum software implemented it and how Larian's mail servers are set up.

EDIT: I just verified that this behavior has resurfaced since it was originally fixed. OP would do well to responsibly report it, rather than stirring up drama over a web forum account.

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That leaked email conveniently assumes the owner of Valve would sell it. I can't think of a reason for Gabe to do that.

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Direct link: https://bg3.wiki/

It's very good already, and as a fan-run site, I'm willing to spend time contributing to it. What a refreshing change it is to get away from Fandom/Wikia and Fextralife. Nice work, Taylan!

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  • Starfield's open world is made of procedural copypasta.
  • Prey species can't or won't escape predators.
  • Predators routinely wipe out their own food supply, yet somehow haven't gone extinct.
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Selling online games and then shutting down the service should forfeit the right to interfere with reverse engineering projects. Maybe even require opening up the service specs so reverse engineering wouldn't be needed.

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Then they should state that in the Terms of Use, where they grant themselves permission to terminate if the "Account has been inactive for more than six months." (Or better yet, remove the clause entirely.)

An email claim that they won't enforce that clause does not make it okay.

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Unless they also refund the price paid for the game, this is theft (or fraud), and should be punished as such.

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