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I think you might be right, but I wasn't sure if they added more so I posted it.

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I'm glad you're saying this and that OP posted it, I didn't have the heart to. It's so depressing that half our government (not half the people) are trying to make america authoritarian.

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The cases, Moody v. NetChoice and NetChoice v. Paxton, deal with the constitutionality of laws created in Florida and Texas, respectively. Though there are some differences between the two laws, both essentially limit the ability of large online platforms to curate or ban content on their sites, seeking to fight what lawmakers claim are rules that suppress conservative speech. This fight has reached the Supreme Court level in part because an appeals court in Florida declared that state’s version of the law unconstitutional, while a separate appeals court allowed the Texas law to stand, creating a legal rift.

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Federal Election Commission records show that in December and January, the Phillips campaign paid nearly $260,000 to Kramer, who once worked on the 2020 presidential campaign for Ye, formerly known as Kanye West.

NBC said it found no evidence to suggest the Minnesota congressman’s campaign had instructed Kramer to produce the audio or disseminate the robocall.

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This is the judge that was appointed by trump (Cannon) that is obviously trying to stall the case and rule in his favor. She's walking that thin line of helping trump and not getting kicked off the case, while doing a pretty good job of it, imo. She's a POS.

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Cannon has indicated she might schedule hearings to go over the opposing viewpoints.

Other expected motions from Trump to dismiss the case are likely to be filed under seal, as they could contain sensitive information prosecutors have asked to keep out of public view. Cannon ruled that any such motion would first have to be presented to her before any redactions could be made for public release.

Trial in the case is currently set for the end of May, and the parties are scheduled to meet next week in Fort Pierce, Florida, to hammer out potential details for future proceedings. In recent weeks, defense attorneys, prosecutors and Trump himself have met with Cannon behind closed doors to discuss the use of classified evidence at trial. Those disputes remain ongoing.

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A federal appeals court has lifted a moratorium on new coal leasing on federal land that dates back to the Obama administration.

A three judge panel in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Wednesday tossed the moratorium saying it was now moot. It's the latest decision in a series of legal back-and-forths that date back to 2016 when then-Interior Secretary Sally Jewell moved to halt all new coal leasing on federal land as part of a strategy to address climate change.

President Trump's Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke ended the Obama moratorium, a move that was challenged by environmental groups and tribes. A court then reinstated the ban on new leases in 2022.

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These include measures against Russia's main card payment system, financial and military institutions, and officials involved in Navalny's imprisonment.

The newly-announced US measures also include nearly 100 firms and individuals which will also face export restrictions.

Others target the state-owned operator of Mir, Russia's main payment system, which has become more prominent since Visa and Mastercard suspended their services there.

Companies involved in powering Russia's war effort, developing the country's future energy production and its co-operation with Iran over drones will also be hit.

More than two dozen entities outside of Russia - including people in China, the UAE, Vietnam and Liechtenstein - have also been sanctioned, accused of being connected to businesses that send materials to Russia's military.

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Alexander Smirnov, the indicted former FBI informant at the center of the Hunter Biden probe, was re-arrested Thursday, the special counsel's office said.

Smirnov was released from custody Tuesday by a Nevada magistrate judge less than a week after he was indicted on alleged false statements and obstruction charges. Smirnov's attorneys said in a statement that their client was in their office preparing his defense when he was taken into custody.

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Direct File will be available to taxpayers who in 2023 lived in these 12 states: Arizona, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming.

Additionally, taxpayers in those states need to qualify depending on their income type and amount. For example, taxpayers with wages of more than $200,000 or independent contractors won't be able to use the site. The type of health insurance the taxpayer purchased might also restrict them from using the platform.

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You don't know what clean means when concerned with privacy and selling data?

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Now do Firefox. It's the best out there, but it's not clean.

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I find it most problematic when I'm trying to figure out how much to get so I don't get way too much or too little.

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You can block them like I will and my instance will. They'll be starting on Mastodon first, but I'm sure they'll expand as they need to show "growth".

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The ga ga goo goo defense.

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Canada, fight for your healthcare to stay public. Use the US as a warning.

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A lot of instances don't show up for certain people as well.

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Don't feel bad. Unless you're trump or ivanka, he has no loyalty, so anyone voting for trump is having the leopard eat their face.

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School districts, cities, states and all kinds of government bodies routinely ask voters for permission to take on debt. They sell bonds to banks, who then sell to investors, who like so-called municipal bonds because they are almost always paid back. Banks compete for the business by offering the lowest interest rate. Bigger banks doing more bonds can afford lower rates.

The school district thought it was all set when Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton stopped the process on Sept. 2, 2022, according to documents obtained through a public information request. Eleven days earlier, Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar had put one of the world’s largest financial institutions on a blacklist and banned it from doing business with any state or local entity in Texas.

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As the once-storied Conservative Political Action Conference kicks off the 50th anniversary of its inaugural national gathering, the organization is finding itself increasingly anchored to the sexual assault allegations leveled a year ago against its longtime leader, conservative activist Matt Schlapp.

On Wednesday, the opening day for CPAC 2024, the Alexandria City Courthouse posted a batch of eye-popping new filings in the sexual battery and defamation lawsuit against Schlapp—including a subpoena to a CPAC official alleged to have overseen document destruction days after the accusations were first publicly reported. Schlapp was on notice at the time about potential legal action.


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Florida Republican-sponsored legislation that was originally intended to make it easier to sue mainstream news outlets for defamation has sparked an intense backlash by conservatives, who fear it will be turned against them.

Publishers who cite an anonymous source who provides wrong information could be exposed to greater liability in a defamation lawsuit. The legislation would also create a new, speedier venue for allowing defamation cases to proceed or be tossed out.

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Okay, how could he get more racist? I don't normally post opinion things like this but I thought it would be interesting to read what he was saying. Then this paragraph popped up, this is really bad that he's speaking like this and I haven't seen it in any other place. I'm hoping it's because he's irrelevant.

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Trump returned again and again to blaming Biden for the crush of migrants at the southern border. “Welcome to the Congo, people,” he said, claiming Africans were coming from prisons and asylums. He promised “the largest deportation in history,” which would be economically calamitous, and took credit for a new phrase, “Bigrant crime” — as in, Biden migrant crime. “Oh, that’s good, that’s smart,” he said, pointing to his brain.

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In a federal trial that began this month, prosecutors portrayed Bongiovanni as a greedy racist who pocketed more than $250,000 in cash-stuffed envelopes over a decade and threw his colleagues off by opening bogus case files and encouraging them to spend less time investigating Italians and more time on Blacks and Hispanics, “n----- and s----” he was alleged to have called them. When authorities finally unmasked him in 2019, he hastily retired and wiped his cellphone clean.

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