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What's wrong with you? If someone is doing everything they can to address an issue, attraction to children, and they are not molesting children, why are you making them out as a villain?

They are seeking help with a problem. Give them the help they are asking for.

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Best way to do it imo

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As much as I want trump to hurt, don't increase it.

For it to stick permanently, based on supreme Court case law, the amount needs to stay below a particular percentage. (I don't remember the specifics, legal eagle has a good video on this)

So if you wanna hurt the Cheeto, hope it stays below that amount.

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Might as well "cure" all of the active shooters by killing them too.

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Did I even once say cult? No. OP did. I'm attempting to have a good faith discussion with you while you're doing nothing but insulting me. Good day to you.

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You're welcome to provide evidence to the contrary but his presidency was pretty strong indications. Look at what his supreme court picks did.

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Nintendo? Make shitty business decisions? Never

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When the students act up, shoot em with your gun

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Blahaj moment

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Anon didn't read the books.

Samwise goes to the undying lands after having a family, watching them become adults and a stint as the mayor of hobbiton.

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The Taiwan one isn't fully accurate. Zhōng gùo applies as does Taiwan gùo depending on who you ask given they have a small population of Taiwanese natives they lived they before the mass ecosystem of the Republic of China during the civil war. Even includes a separate yet related language with 3 additional tones.

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We don't need gulags, we already have Texas.

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Let's post about our current runs!

Are you doing vanilla? Modded?

What's your goal? What are you finding interesting?

help wanted (lemmy.world)
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I could use some help. I find my company making more and more changes that have a negative impact on the wellbeing of the tech workers such as myself.

The company has a union but it's not for the corporate workers. I would like to start a union for us techies. How can I achieve this? I've spoken with people I'm comfortable with about unionizing and have received favorable feedback. Who can I reach out to?

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There was a very recent post requesting a defederation with lemmygrad.ml.

The post was requesting it due to a large amount of anti Israeli posts and celebrations of the deaths of Israeli citizens both military and civilian.

I've checked the modlog in hopes of understanding why those actions were taken, but no note was left. I'd like to ask why those actions were taken. Thanks!

Rule (lemmy.world)
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