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I could use some help. I find my company making more and more changes that have a negative impact on the wellbeing of the tech workers such as myself.

The company has a union but it's not for the corporate workers. I would like to start a union for us techies. How can I achieve this? I've spoken with people I'm comfortable with about unionizing and have received favorable feedback. Who can I reach out to?

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The iww should be able to connect you with someone

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Second this the IWW has it together so good right now

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Thank you, after being laughed at while trying to ask about some new unfavorable policies, I've moved forward with reaching out to IWW.

If management thinks it's a joke, I think it's time to show them we're serious.

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well if they provided you with sharp knives, there would be improvements with output. there would be less crying. oh... unions

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Thank you! I've reached out to them and IWW, I've gotten a response from IWW. I don't know how this is going to go down but we'll see

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