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Israel is a settler state, so what's wrong with the destruction of it? Israel is based on Ashkenazi supermacy ,which is a form of Jewish eurocentrism. Do you mind asking what has happened to the identity of Sephradic, Mizrahi and other independent groups?

Read this: Disillusioned with Israel, hundreds of Jews chose to return to India in the 1950s.

Also this: Israeli-Palestinian conflict fatality

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That makes a lot of sense - and for some reason, it bought back some of the stuff I was taught in CS, which I had forgotten. Speaking about filesystem, should I consider it a type of a program similar to a database - as in, the way how it uses a program to read data stored in some binary file to read, write and index stuff? Or is that a wrong way to look into it?

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If most of my needs were fulfilled, I'll spend on buying some single-board computer to learn and play around with, and music instruments like synths, effect machines and traditional folk instruments. I also like tender coconuts (with decently thicker flesh) and palmyra palm, so I'll probably spend my money on that everyday - that counts as frivolous, right?

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I've read both Sweet Home and Shotgun Boy. It wasn't as fun as Bastard. But it was a nice read.

Honestly, I want to read something that gives me the joy and fear of unknown. For example, when I talk about fantasy, I want to enjoy an unknown world that I might be somewhat familiar with. I will gladly accept the good and bad side of a world, as long as it is neither glorified or vilified. I want a main character that does not deviate from their moral responsibility. I don't want to read cartoon-ish heroism or villainy. I want a world that isn't black and white, where the conflict between two groups is complex.

I don't want a fantasy that bends to fan service. I despise evil stuff, but if such things exists in this fantasy, I expect societal problems to affect the main character as well. I don't want to read the story of the hypocrite power-fantasy MC who has a twisted sense of justice normalized by the mangaka. Honestly, I don't find comics to be fun anymore. Maybe there's a small subset of books out there out there that is for me. One reason why I like comics like AiRen and Shakugun no Shana is because it has this concept of "joy" in "despair". Too bad I won't be able to read SnS because apparently, they never translated the book to English.

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This is a HDMI-only problem. Stick with USB-C or DisplayPort and you'll do just fine.

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What about the existence of the "shell" utility? I know that Unix has the sh program, but before the OS-era, this wasn't the case, right? When and how was it implemented? Is there any example of a computer before the shell era?

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I think that would still be a bad idea - running billions of parameters on a laptop - because it's not just the battery, you might also want to think about how much the heat-sink can handle cooling. However, there's nothing wrong with running the model a few times. If that were a desktop GPU, it would handle a load as heavy as that easily.

Might I suggest you try using KOALA once? It has way lesser parameters than your typical large-scale diffusion model, so it will be forgiving on your device. Best of luck with your attempt.

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I really don't understand how complex programs like compilers and browsers have come to an existence.

From little what I know about 8086, it resembles a digital abacus in a way that we can set, push and do all the fancy magic with registers and store them in memories using buttons.

For the like of me, I cannot figure out how an OS was created out of thin air? Do they keep pushing, adding and popping registers back in the day to create OS or compiler? What about the TTY? Was there no such thing as booting? What about file systems? Partitions? How did any of that even work in the first place?

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I would like to retract the first sentence. It is misleading - the model can run without any hiccups with ROCm, and is probably a decent GPU for this job. However, I will provide more context on the second sentence.

I tried training and running models (GAN, LLM) on my Lenovo IdeaPad S540 (i5-8265U + 8GB + MX250 2GB laptop). The result of such heavy computation is that the battery is toast, the barrel port adapter is severely damaged where it connects with the board, the metallic panels have stress marks due to uneven heating, and the soldered RAM is a goner. And the battery has no capacity. Remember those old TVs where you had to hit them to make it work? That's the state of my device right now.

The cooling system in a laptop isn't the best. So, it would be better to run the model on a desktop or cloud GPU. By the way, older stable diffusion models seem to work on something as old as RX580 with ROCm.

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What about Veilid? Isn't that supposed to be more safer or something?

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Unfortunately, there's nothing I could get, because circumstances.

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I am looking forward to hardening my system, but I'm not sure how I should go about it. Any advice?

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So far, I haven't faced any problem. But yes, the permission is a bit messy.

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Skill issue

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Seven refineries processing Moscow’s crude in India, Turkey and Bulgaria continued exporting refined fuels to the EU.

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Morrison is often associated with the youth counterculture. As someone who was born in the 21st century, I want to know what type of person he was, to people who were able to witness his era.

It could be anything about him - his influence, his music, his personal life, his relationship, activism, childhood, or the type of person he was, if his musics were popular and was his life tragic, or filled with happiness? I don't want to hear the Wikipedia summary, I'm interested in what you think as someone who enjoys music.

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I want to share a song that I really like from the 50s black-and-white Bollywood era, something that I hum almost all the time. It happens to be a dream sequence + musical style of artwork.

What I really appreciate about music from those era is that most of those lyrics were written by popular Hindustani (language) poets during that time, and I happen to like most of their works.

I also want to be recommended songs from that era (not just Bollywood, but also musicals and songs from other culture). But I'm not sure what would be the right community for this.

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For those, who do not know what the Gemini protocol is, think of it as a modern, light-weight HTTP alternative without CSS or JavaScript. In layman term, you could see it as Web 1.0 reinvented. It uses GemText instead of HTML. For folks who want to try it out, you can either install a Gemini extension for your HTTPs browser (which kinda defeats the purpose, as modern browsers are heavy), or download a dedicated Gemini browser like Lagrange. Here's a few sites you can access in Gemini.

Personally, I love it, although I miss a few stuff, like for example, multimedia, streaming and stuff like that. The memory foorprint is very low, and pages are super-fast.

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I'm not from the US, but I've heard about the housing shortage crisis as well as the commercial real-estate vacancy crisis. I'm pretty sure the US government will bail out the rich folks again.

Honestly, people need a cheap place to live, right? Why not just buy a commercial property about as big as an ideally small home and call it a day? Isn't that a win-win situation? Or are there laws that make it illegal?

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