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Germany legalises cannabis, but makes it hard to buy

Germany gets it (www.reuters.com)
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Kief (lemm.ee)
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Emptied out my grinder. Looking for suggestions on how to use it. Thanks.

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Ah, memories...

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I did push the branches down to take the picture so you can see the supercropped part of the stem. Trellis will go in tomorrow.

These plants are hella resilient.

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ima getin hiiiiigh (monero.town)
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I find i dont care much for a giant rush all at once from big vape hits. If i do little hits more frequently i can still get high without feeling like earth to orbit in 2.7 seconds.

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@trees What are y’all’s thoughts on this mass legalization? Don’t get me wrong, I’m verrrryyy pro green. Been a life changer. But I have been seeing things that the big backers for this are the alcohol and tobacco industries. Personally I want them as far away from my green as possible. I don’t like the idea of big business and green. Am I looking at this wrong? I like my mom and pop shop. Sure it’s a bummer when they don’t have what I want but I’ve some of the best shit this way.

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Managed this rig up a homemade induction heater from a 10$ board off amazon +7$ cigarette plug terminal cable

Induction heater is for my dynavap, the commercial ones are quite expensive and I figured it would be a cheap and easy project to make one up

I made a quick YouTube video showing the IH off :)

3 day difference. (lemmy.world)
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Shit happens, switched tents and put them under the good light, checked them Sunday night and they were off, whoops still on flower timing….

One day and an hour of dark the next shouldn’t be enough to herm decent genetics though. Roll with what happens growmies.

Form & Function (lemmy.world)
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The Orb

The spherical bong is the Orb V2. Its an extremely simple yet highly functional piece that has TWO female intakes connected to a matrix perc. This allows you to combine smoke or vapor from two different sources with one inhale.

The orb also comes with a female outtake, a 2' long whip, and an insertable mouthpiece which opens up many options for switching between mouthpiece, whip or even connect to another piece for further filtration such as the intake of a bong filled with ice. In this shot I have a custom made 3' long silicon whip one end has the smoked glass whip that comes with orb whip and other side is arizer whip mouthpiece.

The Air Max

The cylindrical black device in the top intake port is the Arizer Air Max, a well engineered electronic dry herb vaporizer. Essentially it is a miniature electric oven which bakes your herb to produce vapor. Vapor is healthier than smoke, taste better, and you get decarbed flower as a usable byproduct instead of ashes which is used for making edibles and other things. Electronic dry herb vaporizers excel at ease of use and precise temperature control.

The Arizer air max allows you to swap out the glass pieces. Instead of a mouthpiece I have a 14mm Water Pipe Adapter (WPA) inserted into it which allows it to connect to the larger top insert of the orb.

The Dynavap M+ 2023

The metallic stick in the smaller 10mm intake port is the Dynavap m+ 2023. It is also a dry herb vaporizer, but is instead heated through torch or induction heater. The Dynavap allows for complete vapor extraction of herb .1G of herb in a Dynavap cal fill the orb with milky white clouds. Its tip acts both as a mouthpiece and a built in 10mm WPA allowing it to be inserted into the smaller 10mm intake of the orb.

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Hey Lemmings! Need some advice on making weed tea. I've noticed some recipes call for decarbing the weed before infusing it into the tea, while others don't mention it at all. Has anyone tried both methods? Any noticeable differences in potency or taste?

Update: I decarbed a small amount of flower, probaly less than 0.5g , at 115 c for 30 minutes. After that I boiled it with 300ml of water and 2 tbs of butter for 30 mins. As the water evaporated I kept refilling the water.

Can't really say that it was very potent, maybe not enough flower, or not enough boiling? Wouldn't recommend based on this experience. Next time I'll just make cannabutter and put that in the tea.

FX3 Seed to Harvest (lemmy.world)
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This was my first time growing Solfire and I am impressed. This shit was super vigorous and didn't flinch at anything I threw at them. I finished setting up my flood and drain setup a few weeks into flower so I was able to finish them out on easy street.

100% coco Bottom feed with Canna Coco A+B, Rhizotonic and Calmag. RO water

Planted germed seeds September 6th Finished trimming February 3rd

Final Yield: 1.49g/watt Plant 1 = 125g Plant 2 = 126g Plant 3 = 136g Plant 4 = 61g... ಠ_ಠ

20g of kief after one pass in the trim bin from each plant. I could probably get a ton more but the rest of the trim is used for butter.

Ready for planting!

In their starter pots

Week 2 veg

Week 4 veg

Transplant day

Moved into 3x3

First major defol - Day 14 of flower

Hints of purple

Fully bounced back

Day 21 defol

Week 5 flower

Week 6 flower

Week 8 flower

Week 10 flower

Cola Porn

Trim bin after trimming

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I have heard that weed from the 70s era only had ~2% THC where now at least dispensary grade can hit 20% to 25% THC. That could well be due to the drug war selecting for more powerful highs in smaller packages, but i would think that would also reduce the quantity needed to get the high you want.

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Yes, I do have a second pair of sunglasses on my collar. Don't @ me.

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2x super silver haze clones, 2x Durban poison from seed, Jalapeño and sweet bell pepper.

Peppers will be culled in the next 2 weeks.

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Hi there, I'm not a member of this community (only a very sporadic user myself) but figured it would be a good place to ask this question.

The TLDR version is: My lady friend OD'd on edibles and is still a bit sick a day and a half later, is there any good remedy to help her get back on her feet?

Longer version below:

The girl I'm seeing recently had a downright awful experience with weed. She hasn't ever used before (she tried smoking once but didn't inhale properly so no high), and I expect she probably won't try it again any time soon.

On Friday night she was hanging out with some friends and decided to try an edible since her friends were having some. Her weed literacy isn't great, and she didn't know that edibles hit different, nor that they take a while to kick in. She was also on an empty stomach since we had a dinner date in a couple hours and she often skips lunch at work, and on top of all that she's on the smaller side, so less bodyweight.

She only had a third of what her friends took, but ended up being super unwell. I'm talking throwing up multiple times, bad vibes (crying, saying she didn't want to go to sleep because she would die in her sleep), and acting irrational (kept trying to leave her friend's house because she didn't want to be late for our date).

Her friends texted me from her phone as it was happening because she was insistent on leaving and they wanted to let me know it wasn't happening. I told them about the thing with black peppercorns and apparently that (plus telling her not to worry about standing me up) helped enough that they were able to get her to fall asleep.

She ended up sleeping and being nauseous for basically the entire day yesterday and I only heard back from her this morning.

Anyway, that's all just the loredump. My actual question is, is there anything that can be done to help someone feel better when they are recovering from OD'ing on edibles? She's still not feeling 100%, probably from throwing up and panicking so much. I know for someone who is badly hungover from alcohol there are all sorts of folk remedies that at least work as a placebo if not as an actual cure. Just wondering if there's some equivalent for weed. I want to do something nice for her since I think she must feel awful about missing our date.

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I have a pax3 that is starting to show it's age. The battery is not holding it's charge that well and I'm sure the tech has improved a lot over the years. I was looking at a crafty or mighty+ but wanted to see if there was something else comparable for a little cheaper. I would like to keep it under 300, but can spend some more if it's worth it.

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