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Hey all, thanks for reading. My Samsung UNJS8500 is starting to go bad. I also purchased an XBoxX last week. Ive been reading a lot on this subreddit. Enough to confuse me more. I have a very bright living room, and watch the TV from some pretty steep angles at times. I was curious what this communities two cents would be between the "big three" this year. The Sony X93L or CL, the Samsung S90C, or the LG one. Im leaning Samsung due to the 4 hdmi inputs, but tbh I havent been impressed with their lifespan. I feel like I was very lucky my current one lasted as long as it did. Plus I have read here that they actually nerf your TV with updates? WTFwhy? Im willing to try the Sony, but last time i looked 6-7? Years ago, the Sony products didnt look nearly as colorful. If anyone has suggestions or experience regarding the viewing angle and screen reflection that would be awesome too. Thanks in advance.

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