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Today while I was on a video call with family using WhatsApp I noticed video effects when I used one of the signs. Then when I dug deeper to check i realised that it was a feature from iOS. If WhatsApp was end to end encrypted how are apple able to do this?

Link to the feature: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/guide/iphone/iphaa0b5671d/ios

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End-to-end encryption just means that the data is encrypted when it is transmitted over the internet. The camera uses on-device processing to add live effects to the camera, which is then encrypted and sent through WhatsApp.

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They don’t care if it’s encrypted or not; they have the decryption keys and data on their servers

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It takes place in the camera, not in WhatsApp. So those emojis and stuff are added in by apple, into the video that’s supplied to WhatsApp.

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