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Creepy freakazoid under cute floofy camouflage? Yep, that checks out

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I adore my jays. I switched feeding strategies in my backyard to a trough-style feeder to make extra room for the little birds and prevent the Jays from bullying everyone else out.

One cool thing I've noticed is the Jays acting like a (very loud) lookout alarm for all the other species. The Jays scream, and everyone runs away and hides. I've seen it when the hawk comes poking around, and once when a cat found its way onto my deck.

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Hell yeah, little Jay, get it!

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They're such ugly little vultures under all that floof, I love it

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Oh, we have lots of those! There are some drugs that we use to treat high blood pressure work by causing vasodilation.

What's really interesting about this new drug is:

"...iloprost is not only a vasodilator but also reduces oxidative stress, suggesting this dual mechanism of action could help explain its impressive potential as a frostbite treatment."

It not only dilates blood vessels, it also directly treats reperfusion injury, which is really neat.

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So mean!!

I've never seen this in real life, but I have seen like half a dozen sparrows chasing around a hawk that was stalking one of their nests. It was interesting to see the cooperation. "Not today, Satan!"

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I don't know where OP is, but here in Massachusetts, we have no sales tax on groceries:


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Are you suggesting a privatized National Weather Service and toll bridges would be better? If so, I have a nice bear-ridden town in New Hampshire you might like to move to.

Regulations are exactly how you deal with negative externalities.The EPA makes corporations pay for reducing pollution and cleanup. Why do you think corporations target EPA so much? Because EPA costs them money. Never hear any corporations whining about that free taxpayer-funded geological data coming out of USGS

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Literally why I'm still sitting here on my Pixel 5.

In the past, manufacturers seem to "innovate" every few years and reinvent the small form factor phone. I'm waiting, hoping we see that trend breaking again soon.

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I like clean water, good weather forecasts, and I want to fix the bridges.

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Ok, when you can win in court with that strategy, go for it.

In the meanwhile, I'll accept the most likely to win a good outcome and get this law overturned. Sorry, I'll forever be realpolitik like that.

[-] [email protected] 12 points 2 days ago

She's making a legal case presenting herself as the perfect case scenario. It's just a tactic to present the best argument possible to get the law overturned for everyone, even people who can't pretend to be perfect.

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Starter comment: Prior studies of terpenes have shown them to be resilient to the development of bacterial resistance. These new derived compounds demonstrate efficacy against gram positive Staph epidermidis, Staph aureus, and two Enterococci in vitro. Compounds do not require destruction of trees to harvest.

Link to original study: https://www.mdpi.com/2079-6382/12/7/1202

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Starter comment: This new technique uses glass beads to break the membranes of larger human cells in a sample, while maintaining the integrity of smaller bacterial cells. This allows the use of enzymes to wash away the human cell contents, leaving only bacterial cells when DNA testing is performed. The idea is to make clinical testing and characterization of human gut microbiome samples faster and more precise.

Link to study (pay walled): https://www.nature.com/articles/s41592-023-02025-4

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