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We won't be able to solve charging availability for BEVs?

How is that true at all? It's a simpler version of gas refueling availability. Hydrogen and gasoline need consistent logistics, and updating to function well. Hydrogen is even worse in that regard compared to electricity or gasoline because there really hasn't been any logistics developed for the grand scale manufacturing and delivery of hydrogen to stations. my understanding is that California is the only state to have any hydro stations, which are extremely rare.

Compare that to electricity where you don't need active logistics, you just need to build the infrastructure once and it's basically set, not to mention its an infrastructure that supplies energy that already common.

The battery production is a maybe. But hasn't that been ramping up drastically?

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It will be interesting to see what happens if Trump loses the election too. Giuliani is probably not making too much of a fuss with Trump because he's probably hoping that if trump is president he will help him out. I'd Trump loses, well Giuliani may try to get even

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Any reasons these companies support HFCVs instead of focusing more on electric? It seems like electric is basically already here while HFCVs are barely getting to the gate. In addition, electric is something lots of places can already cheaply support (setting up charging stations is probably easier than planning on the logistics of producing and delivering hydrogen). I suppose this may be great for long distance driving vehicles and commercial trucks where electric may not work well.

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This article is trash, but necessarily for the reason you stated: there's a video that shows when jim jordan was asked the question. I wouldn't say he fumbles at all, he lists several reasons why the impeachment should continue. Whether or not their true and a sufficient reason to go along with the impeachment is another question, but I don't think I'd describe him as fumbling.

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We're definitely not setting them up to be facing it in easy mode that's for sure.

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spoilerWhat's the most insulting thing anybody's every said to you?

What is a lesson your parents taught you, that you'd like to pass down to your children?

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I'll take your word on the intentions of the original Dredd, but the point still stands, Dredd was good. Not as good as fury road good, but good is all that matters. I'd like to see more Dredd with that kind of action, even if it's not true to soruce material.

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YYYY-MM-DD everything else is wrong.

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Kind of sad to see the number of people celebrating his injury. His actions are reprehensible, but he has be sentenced and should be able to carry out that sentence without the threat of violence and death. This is partially the reason people who go to prison come out worse than when they went in.

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I really hope so. The movie was surprisingly good and the magic was very interesting

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Bonus, in the link you can see live feeds of the repairs.

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Took me too long to realize the 0 can be an exponent.

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I'm currently a Technical account manager at a company and I'm uncertain where to go from here. I currently make 150k, with some of my more experienced coworkers making 200k. I'd like to apply to other companies to make more money.

But I'm wondering, is staying in this sort of role good long term?

Some additional information on what I do, since I understand this role varies company by company:

We interact a lot with clients post sales making technical recommendations on the products of ours to use.

We sometimes help direct clients with integration, or do it ourselves which involves using our REST API.

We also sometimes have to configure and customize our web application front end, which involves making changes to its HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

We would sometimes also need to investigate and deploy bug fixes for production.

Now, looking at potential jobs, I'm seeing Technical Account manager, Solutions Engineer, and customer engineer roles that seem really similar to what I'm doing now, paying about 150k average, maybe even a bit more. I'm uncertain what kind of progression there is though.

On the other hand, as a software engineer (which,despite having a degree in CS, i have no work experience doing, other than what I'm doing now), it feels like there's an, obvious to me, career progression. The issue is that it appears that the average pay for what I think I could work as (junior/entry level software engineer) is closer to 100 - 120k.

Should I keep trying to stay in my current job type? What sort of new positions should I aim for to make more money?

Should I bite the bullet and go into software engineering, losing some short term income in exchange for a better career path with better pay in the future? Should I be applying for entry level positions? or staff/intermediate level Software engineering roles?

any advice is appreciated!

locking procedure check (sh.itjust.works)
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I just recently got into using a bike for commuting and I was wondering if this is a good way to secure my bike? I know, previously, people would recommend only needing to lock the back tire to a solid object, but I’ve seen videos of people easily cutting the back tire, breaking it and taking the frame/front tire. My method of locking is sort of similar, except I do lock around the splash guard. If this isn’t very secure, I’d have to get a longer ulock or chain, because there doesn’t appear to be an easy way for me to lock around the back tire, frame and solid object with my current ulock. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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