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Ah oui j'avais oublié qu'il y avait ce numéro maintenant. Merci de me le rappeler.

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Merci! J'ai pas pensé au CLSC. Y'en a un si coin de ma rue en plus.

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Trust me. The potholes in Canada are real too.

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Je suis en train de vivre une crise de santé mentale assez énorme en ce moment et je veux de l'aide dans les délais les plus courts. J'habite à Montréal.Quelles sont mes options?

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Investigating the possibility of maybe doing something about a problem should be the Canadian government's motto.

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C'est quand les prochaines élections présidentielles en France?

Quels seront les candidats et quelles sont vos prédictions?

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That movie dumb money was such good publicity for Reddit. And now they're probably gonna shut down the star sub-reddit.

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I used to be like you. I had passion for what I was doing. Then I got my first job.

Companies will suck your soul and your passion right out of you. Or sometimes you'll find a job where you can actually exercise your passion, but you'll have a shit boss that'll make you feel bad the whole time you're doing it.

It's really hard to find that one golden nugget of a job where your can do what you love and be treated right.

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Yeah I don't know what's going on. Maybe it is the VM. I've reinstalled it, didn't change a thing and ran the updates, rebooted and the same result. I'm stuck at the grub menu.

Maybe I should just stick with a stable KDE release like Kubuntu 24.04 LTS that's coming up if I'm going to use an Ubuntu based KDE distro.

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I just now created a Proton mail account just minutes before seeing this. I think I'm glad I did.

I've been thinking about de-googling myself for some time now. After being with them since they created the Gmail service in the early 2000s, I practically have my whole adult life on Google. I've been using drive and photos as well for as long as it has existed. It's going to be a lot of work to sort through all of this data and start over on a new service.

I don't trust Google anymore over anything. Whether it's privacy (though I was pretty naive to think I had any in the first place) or their ability to keep a service up long enough for anyone to commit.

It's a shame because they started as a really nice company with their do no evil motto with great services and then everything went to shit. Even their killer feature, the search engine, has become complete shit.

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C'est la première publication que je vois avec un lien Peertube. Vraiment cool.

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Welp. That'll be the final nail in the enshittification coffin.

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It was! It felt peaceful. Simple. You didn't have to find or craft food all the time to eat too stay alive.

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Like the title says.

I've just been experimenting with some distros like Endeavour, POP! and Elementary. I did a little review here.

Elementary really stood out for me as one of the best looking and easiest Desktop Linux distributions so far. Its simplicity is really appealing to me and I feel it would allow me to focus on the important stuff instead of going full ADHD and constantly trying to tweak my desktop with some new widgets or customization. (KDE is horrible for that, even though I really like that environment.)

Do any of you use it as a daily and specifically for gaming? What was your experience like?

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Hello all,

Just to provide some background, I've been using Linux since 2000.

My distro experience is somewhat limited as I've only used RedHat-based and Debian-based distros like RedHat 6, Mandrake, Ubuntu (and its various flavors), CentOS and pure Debian. Over the years I've used multiple desktop environments, starting with KDE 2 and 3, Windowmaker, then Gnome 2 and MATE, XFCE and finally KDE 5. I've used KDE 4 when it was released with Kubuntu, but it was a complete disaster. Unity was really not my cup of tea either. And I've tried using Gnome 3, but it feels more like a tablet-oriented UI than anything else.

Lately with the rise of Linux gaming, people are asking around about what's the best distro for a newbie gamer. A lot of people have been recommending Fedora, or even OpenSUSE tumbleweed for their more up to date software packages. Ubuntu less so because a lot of people are disgruntled about Snaps or the telemetry data sent to Canonical. But, a few that stood out to me were POP! OS, Endeavour OS and Elementary OS. So I decided to try them out.

I started with Endeavour OS because it is based on Arch which gained a lot in popularity. Endeavour OS is supposed to be more user-friendly and stable compared to Arch which is more for power users with bleeding edge software packages that can often contain bugs. I've never used Arch or any Arch-based distros before. The installation was simple and I really liked that it offered to select which desktop environment to install with a pretty big list of options. I also liked the welcome app and all its options including links to Arch-specific documentation like the package management system with video tutorials. I picked KDE for the desktop which is pretty standard. The OS was very snappy in my VM which was set up with 16GB RAM and 12 cores in Qemu. I was able to change resolution pretty easily without any issue and could get right to work. However, Endeavour might not be suitable for a Linux beginner. A lot of the tools and configurations are command-line based which is not the most user-friendly. I also find the packaging system to be a bit complicated with Pacman and Yay compared to others, but I haven't messed around with it too much. I was disappointed in the lack of a UI tool for browsing and managing software packages.

Then I tried POP! OS. This distro is Ubuntu-based which I'm already pretty comfortable with and is very popular. It has a lot of existing documentation and a huge community behind it. The installation was also pretty simple. The deskop is Gnome 3 with a custom theme, extensions and dock. I personally never really liked Gnome because everything takes so much space on the desktop. Window title bars and other controls seem too big. POP! has this same issue in my opinion. Everything looks big and kind of cartoon-y. Like it's a desktop meant for kids. But since this distro was aimed at gamers, I guess it supposed to look fun in that way. One thing I like about Gnome 3 however, is that there aren't a lot of customizations available out of the box, which ensures everyone has the same experience. Too many customizations, like with KDE, can be a big overwhelming and if you mess around too much you can end up with a broken UI. I really like the POP Shop app as well which gives a good list of top picks. And the presentation is very nice and clean with a beautiful design. Most tasks can be done through a graphical app. I think the only app missing here would be something like Synaptic or Muon to manage Debian packages without using the command line. Overall it's a very simple and easy to use OS for any beginner, although new Linux users might be confused by the desktop environment that is very different from Windows and not quite like the Mac OS. It could probably use a welcome app like Endeavour with a couple of tutorial videos to guide new users around the UI.

Finally, I tried Elementary OS. This was my favourite out of the three, even though it had some issues out of the box. This is another Ubuntu-based distro, so again I'm very familiar with it. The people behind Elementary OS wanted to provide an experience as close to the Mac OS as possible without getting sued. And I gotta say, they really achieved that goal. The installation was very easy. And when I logged in for the first time, I was very pleased with the desktop environment. The desktop is basically highly customized Gnome 3 desktop. But, they made some tweaks to the UI that make it look a lot more elegant. Unlike in a default Gnome 3 desktop or the POP! desktop mentioned above, the various UI elements don't take as much space. The dock is clean and very easy to use and very reminiscent of the Mac OS dock. Anyone who ever used a Mac before will be in their element with this distro. I love the overall simplicity. The file browser is awesome and has the same column-based browsing as in the Mac OS, which is something I always envied. There's also a bunch of keyboard shortcuts like the Mac OS. You can get a list on screen just by pressing the META (Win) key by itself, which is great for new users. The system tray is simple with a practical notification area. The App Center reminds me of the POP Shop. Actually I think they're both kind of the same with a bit of re-branding and different suggestions. However, I was not able to install Muon or Synaptic out of the box to manage Debian packages and repos. The default browser out of the box is Gnome Web (Epiphany) and it had issues rendering pages right away. I had to install Flatseal through a Flatpak using the command line to modify permissions to make it work. I immediately installed Firefox through a Flatpak afterwards, though the browser was available in the AppCenter. Another bug was with the docker, which hides by default when you maximize a window. When moving the pointer to the bottom of the screen, the dock wouldn't pop up as expected. So I had to make it show at all times through the system settings. Speaking of the system settings, I love its simplicity. There's practically no way you can mess up your desktop but you can still tweak a few elements. Honestly, Elementary OS is what Gnome 3 should look like out of the box. It's so clean and beautiful. I honestly fell in love with that environment. I am highly considering using it as a daily driver.

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Salut tout le monde.

Depuis un moment j'ai l'humeur pas mal bas. Ça ne va pas très bien. J'ai l'impression qu'il y a juste un débordement de mauvaises nouvelles et qu'il n'y a pas de lumière au bout du tunnel. Suis-je le seule à me sentir de même? Je ne suis pas sûr que ce soit que le funk de l'hiver qui prend le dessus, mais bien les médias qui m'affectent.

Entre des corporations qui abusent avec leurs prix et qui sont en train de nous manger la laine sur le dos, les problèmes environnementaux, la guerre en Ukraine, le génocide en Palestine et nos gouvernements qui prennent le côté des abuseurs, c'est vraiment difficile de comprendre cossé qu'on fait icitte.

À quoi ça sert tout ce qu'on fait en ce moment? À quoi ça sert de se fendre le cul en quatre à sa job pis de payer des taxes qui, au fond, servent à subventionner des entreprises privées au lieux des services publiques, qui servent à subventionner des compagnies pétrolières et des entreprises qui polluent plutôt que de planter des arbres et d'implémenter des règles environnementales plus strictes et davantage de recherche dans les énergies et les matériaux renouvelables, ou qui servent carrément à tuer des gens dans des pays lointains au lieux de travailler pour la paix dans le monde?

Sérieux y'a pu rien qui fait du sens...

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Au cas où vous ne me connaissez pas déjà, je suis québécois. Au fil du temps j'ai appris à connaître beaucoup de français ici et en France et j'en ai d'autant plus appris sur la culture Française et surtout sur vos références populaires. Je parle par exemple de films, de musique, vos personnalités publiques et aussi sur vos perceptions des autres.

Une qui m'a vraiment étonné c'est votre glorification des américains et de leur culture et comment on tente de la reproduire en France avec des simulacres comme les restaurants Buffalo Grill par exemple, ou certains artistes qui tentent de bâtir leur image et leur style sur l'americana.

Mais l'autre qui m'intéresse principalement c'est votre perception des peuples autochtones et les premières nations américaines. Qu'est-ce que vous connaissez à propos de ces peuples et comment les percevez-vous?

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Gawa estra dry - Lager extra sèche Brassée à la Microbrasserie du Lac St-Jean Alcool: 4.2%

À l'oeil:

  • Couleur dorée
  • Collet blanc
  • Faible effervescence à petites bulles
  • Ne fait vraiment pas beaucoup de mousse
  • Légèrement trouble

Au nez:

  • Légèrement fruitée
  • On sent un p'tit peut d'acidité
  • Ne dégage pas beaucoup de notes

En bouche:

  • Sèche
  • Légèrement fruitée aux notes d'agrumes légères
  • On détecte un soupçon de houblon, mais très faible.
  • Très peu de goût
  • Très rafraîchissante par contre.

Pour une bière régulière, j'ai l'impression de boire une bière blonde sans alcool. Un peu comme la bière blonde Sober Carpenter. Ça manque de punch. Je m'attendais à de quoi d'un peu plus sua coche pour une bière qui s’appelle la Gawa.

Savez-vous ce qu'est un Gawa?

La tour s'effondre (www.youtube.com)
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« La tour s’effondre » est un essai vidéo sur le paysage médiatique et culturel du Québec Produit, réalisé et monté par Mounir Kaddouri

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Lettre à Plante (www.ledevoir.com)
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Je trouve que l'auteur emmène un bon point. J'ai voulu le partager.

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Je sais pas pourquoi, mais c'est une idée qui m'est passé par là tête aujourd'hui.

Et si on s'en allait vers une troisième guerre mondiale et que les gouvernements ont secrètement demandé à toutes les entreprises de faire des mises à pied massive afin d'avoir le plus de gens disponible pour éventuellement les circonscrire et les envoyer au combat?

C'est vraiment nono comme idée mais ça serait une bonne conspiration. Non?

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