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You do know you don't have to comment...right? Like, what was the goal of coming to comment that this format doesn't excite you anymore, as if this is an experience personally curated for you?

Suck down the shotgun-spray of random content and silently spit out that shit you find distasteful, like everyone else.

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If we're doing stuff "since their invention", it should stack the sum of people that died in every war to every car death so far.

But this is just a bad post someone thought would get cheap validation on a niche community.

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As Feathercrown said, most modern stories have Bruce aware that he's nuts. If he starts killing, then he doesn't stop killing and things go bad. He's essentially like on Murderers Anonymous and making sure to stay away from anything that could trigger him down an even darker road.

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U S A!

U S A!

U S A!!

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Honestly, I'm not a doctor or nothing but I'd, personally, have none, if you can help it. YMMV

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Maybe that's a sign to make less coffee, bruv

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Those are just standard slippers but basketball themed

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I can't believe they just yanked her cakes! What kind of sick world is this?!

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They'd be a pretty shit lawyer if they couldn't. They're playing make-believe in a place that has hard rules. Unless their defence includes some kind of "insanity" plea, I don't know how any of them have any "victory against the courts" stories to tell.

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Yeah, not sure why you've been absolutely blasted by downvoters. How is someone silently waiting for another to vacate a spot they've indicated they will soon be leaving some harsh, aggressive gesture? Somehow, the silent, vague "pressure" that someone is also interested in something they've temporarily occupied is distressing. Public bathrooms must be hell for them.

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Incels are not stigmatized for their sexual histories. People don't like them because their whole worldview is shite and pathetic.

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