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"Here's a website that you needed to install on your phone to see!"

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We just got ambushed in a courtyard by about 15 enemies standing on a walkway above us, with no immediately obvious way for us to get up there. We were sitting ducks. So Shadowheart cast blade barrier across the entire walkway. In addition to doing a lot of damage every turn, it imposes difficult terrain. All of the enemies stopped firing on us and tried to run to the end of the walkway. Most of them died on the way, but a few seemed to realize it was futile and turned around to run back and attack us, they died on the way back. A single concentration spell turned a dire situation into a complete bloodbath for our enemies. Shadowheart doesn't shine very often, but when she does, she shines like a diamond.

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Spoilers for the end of act 3 below.

Idk what happened. I've only ever helped her. We just came from the astral plane and are ready to fight the brain. She pledged her sword and I gave a speech saying everyone is the hero of Baldur's Gate or some such, and then it cut to her telling me off and telling me if I die against the absolute it's better than I deserve and she left. WTF? Does anyone know why that happened?

Edit: mystery solved. More spoilers below.

If you kill Minsc instead of saving him, and then don't talk to Jahiera before the battle, she finds out about it after your speech, is hella pissed, tells you off, and leaves. She already pledged her harpers though, so you still get to use them.

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I just finished saving Duke Ravenguard and the first thing he did was complain about his son. Dude is kind of an ass. Is it too late to put him back in the prison? I kinda wish I hadn't saved him.

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Dogs definitely know when they're doing something they're not supposed to be doing. They get all sneaky and quiet, and look hella guilty if you catch them.

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In the event that Gov Ops searches a person’s home, these rules mean that the person 1) must keep the entry a secret, 2) cannot seek outside help (unless necessary for fulfilling the request, the law says), and 3) could face criminal charges if Gov Ops deems them uncooperative.

This is a blatant violation of multiple constitutional rights. No wonder they want it kept secret, they're building the Gestapo. They're dismantling American liberty in favor of over fascism.

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Most jobs will give you a performance review and a raise every year to account for inflation and any increased duties you've taken on. We increase minimum wage by massive amounts after far too many years which causes all sorts of economic concerns, business complaints, and just a bunch of arguments everywhere. Shouldn't they just increase minimum wage 3.5% or whatever, every single year?

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I never understood why Al acts like having sex with his hot wife is a chore. Boomers sure are different.

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The guardian revealed as The Emperor sounds like James Earl Jones! I had to look up the cast because I could swear it was him. But it's not! The character is voiced by Scott Joseph, who I've never heard of before. Did they use synthesizers to make his voice sound like that? His look doesn't match that voice at all.

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There was a conversation with Withers where he shares a bunch of back-story about some of the big bads. He's speaking pretty plainly, but there was still a dialogue option that said "Stop speaking in riddles and speak plainly. Can't you give me more information?". I felt like I had already obtained what I needed from him, but clicked that option just to be sure I didn't miss something. The game zoomed in on his face and he slowly and firmly stated "NO". I cracked up in real life because it felt like the "speak plainly" option was there entirely to toy with the players, which is pretty funny.

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I almost caused a TPK in a big fight right now by dropping ice storm on top of my team. Everyone still took massive damage, and it killed Shadowheart's divine guardian which she had just casted. Read your spells carefully before assuming it's safe to cast them on top of your party!

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are currently between 27 and 42 years old — are significantly more likely to want to do some form of paid work during retirement.

Want is not the right word there, and it completely changes the message. This is a fucking hit job, trying to convince people that company executives stealing pension plans, and a failed society that abandons its elderly, is something young people desire.

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Because the people who decide what is legal are the people who benefit from it.

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"Gave him a treat anyways"

Well there you go. The dog isn't confused, it's doing exactly what they're training it to do.

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Male fashion. (lemmy.ml)
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For real. (lemmy.ml)
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Idk if this is the right community for this conversation, but it's been on my mind and I want to share it with someone.

In the 00's every new thing we heard about the internet was exciting. There were new protocols, new ways to communicate, new ways to share files, new ways to find each other. Every time we heard anything new about the internet, it was always progress.

That lasted into the early teens and then things started changing. Things started stagnating. Now we're well into the phase where every new piece of news we hear is negative. New legislations, new privacy intrusions, new restrictions, new technologies to lock content away and keep us from sharing, or seeing the content we were looking for. New ways to force ads.

At one point the Internet was my most favorite thing in the world. Now I don't know if I even like it anymore. I certainly don't look forward to hearing news about it. It's sad, man. We've lost a lot. The mega corps took the internet from us, changed it from a million small sites that people created because they had big ideas, or were passionate about small ones, and turned it into a few enormous sites with no new ideas, no passion, just an insatiable desire for money.

We're at the end of an era, and unlike the last 20 years of progress, I don't think most of us will like what the next era brings.

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Agent Smith clarified that civilization progressed beyond 1999, but that it wasn't human's progress anymore.

Agent Smith: "and I say 'your' civilization, because after we started thinking for you it became 'our' civilization."

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Is it possible to have a Ridgeback with another small dog in the house? My wife and I might be moving to a rural area and I'd really like to get a Ridgeback. But my wife really wants a Pom or a Chihuahua and I've read that Ridgebacks have such a strong prey drive that they'll chase and kill pretty much any small animal. Can Ridgebacks be friends with small dogs, or will it always treat the tiny floof like a chew toy?

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The "home feed" shows subs I never subscribed to.

Facebook started doing this awhile ago too and made the site completely unusable for its original purpose of keeping up with friends and family. There is zero reason to browse Facebook anymore.

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Using what you're offered is considered abuse now? Huh...

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Vaught is mostly a Musk fan

Ah, so he's an idiot. Well that explains his statements.

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The party of small government sure does a lot of mommying.

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