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If you ever felt like your truck didn't look and drive enough like a prep counter, Elon Musk has got your back.

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They're going to play every dirty trick to slant a referendum and then (attempt) to pull out regardless of the outcome.

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That's exactly it, though. All that infrastructure got built when the government would directly build infrastructure. The Interstate System, the Transcontinental Railroad, these got built because the government got them done. It's only since the birth of neoliberalism during Carter's presidency, and supercharged during Reagan's, where infrastructure only gets done through public private partnerships that things stopped being built.

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That was definitely sarcastic. OP posted a very anti-private industry meme, I doubt they are like, "except roads, though, I love toll roads."

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You wanna know something else? The majority of the world economy is already centrally planned. Not on the national level, on the corporate level. Business is dominated by a relatively few giant corporations with internal economies the size of some nations. None of them run free markets internally. Sears experimented with it, to their demise. Central planning is already the primary way that our economic lives are driven. It's just we let unaccountable billionaires do the planning instead of an elected body.

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Yeah that article is a little more complicated than “Democrats get Muslim elected.“

Are any of the elected officials in question even Democrats? The article doesn't say.

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Sorry, who are the Democratic Muslim elected officials enacting lgbtq+ flag bans?

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The actual content is way better now than it was the first couple of months after the Reddit thing. Initially a lot of the comments were either Reddit related or people trying to force communities that didn't necessarily have the population to survive, yet. That's all fallen away now and the content feels much more organic. Someone opening a Lemmy instance for the first time is going to find today's front page much more engaging than what it looked like in June/July.

Lemmy is becoming its own thing rather than a reflection of Reddit.

In some ways a lot more responsive as well. The news that Kissinger died was all over Lemmy for hours before I noticed one post about it crack the front page of Reddit, for example.

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Mixed commercial/housing. Instead of offices, give the first couple floors to commerce and the higher floors to housing. We have the perfect opportunity to build nice integrated cities where people live near the resources they need to live, within walking distance of the places they work.

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The Canadian law in question has specific provisions in it that would pass any lemmy instance by.

— Companies impacted by the Online News Act must have global annual revenue of $1 billion or more, “operate in a search engine or social-media market distributing and providing access to news content in Canada,” and have 20 million or more Canadian average monthly unique visitors or average monthly active users.

source (archive)

That's literally half the country, by the way.

There was never any chance this law was going to impact any lemmy instances.

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I wouldn't be surprised to see a schism at some point. American Catholicism is being influenced greatly by evangelical Christianity and the political project that exists around that.

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