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Alternately, you could get the states to ratify a constitutional amendment. That would bypass the Supreme Court. Though getting 38 states to agree on an amendment related to gun rights is a fantasy in the first place.

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You need an exclamation point at the front, and no spaces in the brackets. Like this:
![](url goes here)

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TL;DR: In this election cycle both Trump and Biden are raising a fraction of what major presidential candidates usually rake in. This pretty much sums it up:

Together, Biden’s $56 million in cash on hand heading into this month and Trump’s $30.5 million are less combined than Trump alone had this time four years ago, $92.6 million.

I wonder if there's truly less money being pumped into the races, or if the money is simply being laundered through PACs now rather than going to the official campaigns.

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For anyone unaware of the the spam issue mentioned in the link, it has been ongoing for a week. Some person or group is generating accounts on open Mastodon instances and spamming crap all over. My instance's admin bot caught ~~two~~ three new spam accounts while I was typing this post. I know admins at other instances have put similar protections in place.

If you haven't seen the spam, thank your mods and admins!

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Apologies for the duplicate post. I just noticed that someone else posted this two days ago. @[email protected] feel free to nuke this one if you see fit.

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God, my parents have a bunch of those and I loved listening to them as a kid. I can't play then any more.

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Wake up, babe! A new trick for getting out of jury duty just dropped.

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I'm impressed that she's still pulling in this much funding.

The spokesperson also pointed to several instances where Trump’s attacks on Haley led to millions of fundraising dollars. For example, Haley raised $1 million in 48 hours after Trump attacked Haley’s husband’s military service.

One day after Haley secured 43% of the New Hampshire vote, for example, the former president took to social media to declare that any Haley donors would be “permanently barred from the MAGA camp.” That threat drove $2 million in contributions over 48 hours to the Haley campaign, according to a Haley spokesperson.

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It's yours. Have fun! Feel free to unpin this "Seeking Mods" post whenever you like.

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~~The title is self-explanatory. If nobody volunteers by 22 February (that's 2 weeks from now) then this community will be locked, and there will be a pinned post directing users to [email protected].~~

~~It would be unfortunate to close this community. It is the most popular one on our instance (3.48k subscribers and >300 weekly users). But the sh.itjust.works admins don't have time to properly moderate it in addition to our other commitments.~~

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Edit 2: We have a new mod!

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[Three Panel Soul] Getting Away (www.threepanelsoul.com)
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The graphs are from the US Energy Information Administration's Hourly Electric Grid Monitor:

The date format in the titles is month/day/year, but in the horizontal axes it's day-month-year. I apologize in advance.

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The nurse asked the rabbit, "What's your blood type?"

"I'm probably a type O," he replied.

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What would you do? (reddthat.com)
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Its rhetorical. You take him to the beach!

Words fail me (sh.itjust.works)
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If we work together we can stay one step ahead of the orphan crushing machine!

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We are homeschooling one of our kids because his particular needs were not being met by the local school. Meeting other homeschool families is always nerve-wracking for me. I never know if they're going to be a normal family adapting to an unusual situation, or tinfoil-hat nuts using homeschool as an excuse to hide their children from the outside world.

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TL;DR, the AG asked for a bench trial, Trump's defense team didn't respond, and so Trump gets a bench trial. It's possible that a jury trial would have been disallowed in this particular case under New York law, but the defense didn't even bother to ask.

Whelp, that's on your people, Donald. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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