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Not sure if nonverbal is the right word for it, but those ~~that~~ who think not as if they're speaking in their mind, through some other ways like imagery, feelings, or however.

Often the conscience is described as a little voice in one's mind saying what's right/wrong to do, but for those ~~that~~ who think differently, how's that experienced? Good/bad imagery or feelings instead?

Looking for a specific meme (self.nostupidquestions)
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It's a typical video game peasant looking npc lamenting at no on in particular that's there's a very solvible problem. Oh is only somone could solve this for them! While a very strong capible looking player character is right next to them.

I'm reading somthing about emotional blackmail. Apprently this meme describes one form of it perfectly. Though I havnt seen it in years and I can't find it via searches.

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I suppose shoes are laced so as to better fit & secure them to one's feet, so why isn't similar done with gloves?

The only gloves that come to mind with lacing are maybe catcher's mitts and boxing gloves, but even those I'm not entirely certain of.

Possibly a nvm edit, as it just struck me that you...Couldn't really tie...Glove laces...? I think? I guess it may depend...

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There are plenty of politics communities, but they all seem to focus on posting and discussing articles. Is there a community for posting political ideas and opinions?

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I'm trying to buy some small tools to make life easier for someone I know, but I'm probably not thinking of all the use cases

For example, one of the things I'm getting is a gas cap opener for their car

I found a few other things listed here: https://arthritis.ca/treatment/pain-management/assistive-devices-resource

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This might be stupid.. but after the Ukrainian conflict, keeping the enormous loss of life in mind, and the likely need to rebuild the nation, would it be easier to obtain citizenship in Ukraine?

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Or odd, or something?

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I've tried searx, but even simple queries returned no results. I just want sometnig reasonably private that works and doesn't turn the Web into a shopping mall.

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Link: [email protected]

We encourage you to use this community nontheless!

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No big self help lemmy so I had to ask it somewhere else. Alright, I'm an university student but:

  • I don't like too much noise (no parties or bars).
  • I only go to university twice per week and it's far from home.
  • I don't like dating apps.
  • Social media imo stresses me out instead of helping me.
  • Can't steal friends of friends: New city, I know no one here.
  • I suck abismally at sports. Also I don't have a sporty profile.
  • Board/cardgame shops usually catter to people aged 30 and over as they can actually buy the games.

I'm just, like, out of ideas where to meet people aged 16-26. My best shot so far was in public transport but I'm usually too tired to bother. Been thinking of joining a DnD table or something just to meet people already rofl.

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Like, is it just total darkness or, the opposite? Is it easier for them to fall asleep given that there's no light to distract them whilst trying to nod off?

I feel like an absolute ass for asking these questions, and I'm honestly not trying to hurt anyone's feelings or anything.

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I never click on them and I don’t consume any other content related to those countries but every so often I’ll see an anti (those countries) headline in my feed and then the next few days will have pro occupied China stories

It feels like targeted propaganda since I never see good stories about the other countries and it makes me wonder why YouTube hasn’t been broken up if they are too big to monitor that

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1^st^ law of thermodynamics :
There is something that will always be the same.
2^nd^ law of thermodynamics :
Everything else always changes and never will be what it was before.

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Why doesn't Russia declare war on the US after all the Military Aid being sent to Ukraine?

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I feel like some usb cables are great, allow my devices to charge fast, connect to data reliably, etc. But it seems so difficult to find the ones that are good! I've tried buying expensive ones but it seems pretty hit and miss. Sometimes some cheapass aliexpress cable seems to beat the "good brands".

Are there standards or anything I should look out for? USB drives, sd cards, and the like have read/write speeds or different "classes" but usb cables seem to all claim to be brilliant.

Am I just being dumb?

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The little metal pegs on a snow blower or a fuse in a circuit are examples I can think of.

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I'm not great at physics and have no knowledge of aeronautics, so this whole chain of reasoning might be wrong.

A plane stays in the air because air is moving over the wings, which generates lift. However, that air is moving because the engine is moving the plane forward. There is no other source of energy. Therefore, some of the engine's energy is going into keeping the plane in the air, and some is going into accelerating it forwards, or keeping it at the same speed (fighting air resistance).

Therefore, if the plane points straight up, the engine should be able to support it hovering in the air. If it didn't have enough power to fight gravity when pointing straight up, it wouldn't have enough power to fight gravity when moving horizontally, either.

(Okay, some older engines only worked in certain orientations, but I don't think that's a problem for jet aircraft, or any aircraft built after WWII.)

So why can only certain planes fly vertically?

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I have wanted to go on a road trip for a while, just driving off to nearby towns in my hatchback and exploring. I'd start small, like a day or three. The main thing holding me back is uncertainty of what to bring and how to do it, amongst other issues. I think I can figure out the food and sleep, but I was wondering:

  • Where to access showers?
  • Where to refill water?
  • Is it worth bringing a tent (could I set it up outside of a campsite)?
  • Where can I park when I need to sleep (that I won't get in trouble for)?
  • Am I missing anything else?

Was hoping some of you might have advice. I don't have a whole lot of good people to go to about this IRL.

Edit: Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to respond!

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I've noticed this on many shopping sites, but I'll use etsy as an example, since that's my most recent encounter with this problem.

I'll search something like "car magnet," and most of the results are for stickers and have "magnet" nowhere in the title or description. Then I'll try the syntax "car magnet -sticker," which seems non-functional since I will still get back results including stickers.

I've had this problem time and time again. Ebay seems to at least specify which items don't fit all my search terms, but etsy, Amazon, NewEgg, and nearly every other shopping site I've ever used causes me to throw my hands up in despair. (Looking at Walmart too, for giving my celiac ass gluten-containing products in a "gluten free foods" search.)

How do people find what they're looking for? How do you get back the results you want?

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For example, why do things like domestic cats and dogs seem to nap and sleep for longer than humans or elephants?

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Hey everyone, I've got a question that's been bugging me. So, we all know that sound needs a medium to travel through, like air or water. But what happens with sound in a vacuum cleaner? I mean, it's a vacuum, right? Does it just get all quiet in there? Or is there something I'm missing? Thanks for satisfying my curiosity on this one – I'm really stumped!

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I'm trying to figure out how to create a post that shows up in more than one community. There is a pull down menu to select one community but it doesn't seem like more than one can be selected. I think that I've seen other people do it. I've searched for it but haven't found an answer. The join lemmy intro website does not seem mention it either. on https://join-lemmy.org/docs/introduction.html . Is there a Lemmy posting tips and tricks summary somewhere other than the RTFM option?

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