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i can answer in both languages!! english and spanish. (by the way, picture related is an image i took one time)

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Sosped's Limitless Gaming (Digipelirajaton) is a nationwide action that tackels problematic gaming in Finland.

I hail from the very first trained batch of volunteers, starting from 2018. I have been in a few action-based peer support groups (bootcamps), given one or two interviews to the radio and a news article, giving information about stuff to social (and other) workers and many more things.

i live in ohio ama (sh.itjust.works)
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I'm pretty chill and down to earth, feel like there's a lot of hate towards us.

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Hi all! I defended my Ph.D. thesis back in 2019 and I also served as the creator and moderator for the subreddit r/FluidMechanics for a long time. I think with that I have gathered enough experience and courage to answer some of your queries. Some broad topics that I can answer questions on are:

  • computation fluid mechanics
  • scientific programming and HPC
  • nonlinear shallow water equations
  • statistical description of turbulence: spectra, energy budget etc.
  • experimental methods: PIV
  • stratified turbulence
  • academia
  • navigating your career pre- and post-Ph.D.

Ask away!

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SSBN. ETV. Will not respond to questions about sensitive or classified subjects. My views are my own and I do not represent anyone.

Hi there!

Edit: since this has been asked several times:

SSBN stands for “submersible ship, ballistic missile, nuclear powered”. That is, the same overall type of ship as the Red October.

ETV stands for “Electronics Technican, Navigation”, because N was already taken by Nuclear Electronics Technicians. I work with everything from interior communications and announcing circuits to Electronics, shipwide atmospheric monitoring, navigational inertial gyroscopes, strategic nuclear missile navigation, and tank level indicators to basic underwater submarine navigation using the voyage management system and even helming the ship itself.

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I work in a niche inside a niche. I deal with terabytes of storage, massive servers, a variety of storage tech, and I've been in interested in computers in general for... Around 40 years. (Yeah, I'm old.)

I have my own single person company and have worked in 40+ US states, done assignments in the UK, Norway.


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I and a single other student completed high-school without any registered absence, and we were generally considered suck-ups. AMA.

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He would be the perfect person to AMA as he’s already associated with Reddit revolts, and it would result in tremendous media coverage and mark fediverse as a viable alternative to Reddit. What do you think?

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Never thought it'd happen to me. It did. Been Clean a bit over a year. I got a couple crazy stories for sure. AMA

Edit: this is pretty personal, the answers kinda long, and I can't touch on everything, but I'll try my best. Thanks for reading.

I'm a civil engineer, AMA (self.askmeanything)
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