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We go to wawa, that's how we celebrate!

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The British show Taskmaster! One of the only hyperfixations my sibling has that finally wiggled into my brain. Now I've been binging it. It's quite funny! Love that the seasons have had new people for new insanity!

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I never played the other two and only played 3 and felt I understood enough for it to be enjoyable!

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Sounds like your cat needs more training then!

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Comfy New bed! (files.mastodon.social)
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Deep Sleep (lemmy.world)
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A Christmas Story! It always runs 24/7 on some channel come the holidays. It's also just one of my favorite movies. Nothing overstays, all the actors are great, the little daydream scenes, I love it all.

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I bounced off Dwarf Fortress a lot over the years, even with the packs to help. Eventually I got the hang of Adventurer Mode and quite enjoyed it! Now I'm just waiting for that mode on the steam version!

Always Watching (lemmy.world)
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Anecdote: I took a food manager safety test and it came with study material. Most of it was normal, where and how to store food, temperature controls, etc.

There was an entire section on just Typoid Mary and how she killed people. Like extremely detailed compared to other sections. How she kept going back to cooking, how it killed so many, how she was asymptomatic.

Also don't touch turtles then make food.

Surrounded by Toys (lemmy.world)
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He has more than this! These are just the draggable toys. He also has tower ball toys and the like!

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Once I knew what was making the sound, I could ignore it easier! I left the spider be because he was making a web near the door, and that caught outside insects which was good.

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I notice small sounds, yes. Sibling likes to talk about the time I heard a faint 'tk tk tk' sound and went to find it because it was driving me mad.

It was a spider several feet above my head making a web. The 'tk tk tk' was its legs clicking together as it spun.

A Rude Awakening (lemmy.world)
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My lumbering woke him up, although he went back to sleep soon after!

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Bed bugs are a horrible menace. My husband had to deal with them in the 90s, and it took removing himself, the cats, and then bug bombing the house several times with a professional to remove them. He's still anxious about the thought of them coming back, and it's been...since the 90s.

Curled Back Feet! (lemmy.world)
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Tired himself out running around earlier, too tired to even show off his pretty coat to trick-or-treaters!

What was that?? (lemmy.world)
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Any noise and he immediately either goes very still or runs away then pretends he's fine

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I had no mask for my surgery. Maybe because it was removing wisdom teeth.

My surgery was then starting liquid in my arm. I'm wheeled to the surgery room where three nurses are setting things up.

They see I'm nervous. "Don't worry! Doctor X is very good," she pauses. "We do call him the velociraptor though."


"Because he has short arms!"

"That's mean!" I say.

They laugh. "You won't remember, it's fine."

"I'll remember!" I try and say, but my mouth is full of gauze and I'm in a very different room.

No sense of passage of time. In surgery, then in recovery. Hated that.

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Cat Slap Time! (lemmy.world)
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Tiny cat (grey) and chubby cat (black and white) roughhousing with one another.

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He's very pretty and he knows it! He has four white spots, not visible here. One near his throat, one on his chest, one near his nethers, and one on the very tip of his tail!

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