Bots spamming nonsense comments (self.lemmy_ca_support)
submitted 5 days ago by eezeebee to c/lemmy_ca_support

It started yesterday. Immediately after posting, some account started commenting nonsense and the same images repeatedly, so I banned it. Today the same thing is happening, but it's a different account. Anyone else have this happen?

Gift card scam community popped up (self.lemmy_ca_support)
submitted 1 week ago by otter to c/lemmy_ca_support
submitted 2 weeks ago* (last edited 2 weeks ago) by remotelove to c/lemmy_ca_support

There is a federated instance that seems to be doing 1:1 post copies from Reddit. Not only are the questions copied, all the users are bots and entire comment chains are copied. This is not entirely a bad thing in some edge cases.

However, reposting questions in fake(?) tech support communities with fake comments is annoying as hell and a waste of time for people who really want to give genuine advice. alien.top is one of those weird instances, for example.

I can easily block the instance on my client, so there is that. If this is actually an issue, it should be blocked, defederated, whatever, at the lemmy.ca instance level.

In fairness, I don't have a full grasp of the details of how federation actually works, and personally, I don't really care at the moment. (I'll dig into it later as time permits.) Heck, for all I know, there could be a legitimate connector built to facilitate easier transition for users that are migrating from Reddit to Lemmy. (Is that even a thing?)

Cheers. Sorry if I sound stupid. This was just bothering me a bit.

submitted 3 weeks ago by [email protected] to c/lemmy_ca_support

Help! Created new account on lemmy.ca, and can't log in.

I created an account, set a password, and now when I try to use them, they don't get me off the login page.

If I change either my username or password by a character, it clearly says 'credentials are wrong,' implying that my unmolested credentials are correct - but it won't log me in.

I've tried different browsers, turned off uBlock Origin, but nothing helps.

Any advice?


2FA has come unsynced? (self.lemmy_ca_support)
submitted 1 month ago by No_Eponym to c/lemmy_ca_support

Hello! Set up 2FA with authy, logged in on Connect, never a problem logging in on Firefox. Downloaded eternity and I get a bad 2FA error when I try and log in. Firefox takes my user and password now, pops up the 2FA box, but then doesn't load/give an error message. Is my 2FA unsynced?

submitted 1 month ago by OpenTTD to c/lemmy_ca_support

I'll message the staff privately if needed, I just don't know who it is that I should ask or message?

submitted 1 month ago by canis_majoris to c/lemmy_ca_support

A lot of my front page is full of kbin magazines that are inundated with spam. As we are all acutely aware, moderation actions on kbin are not replicated across the fediverse, causing lingering spam needing to be cleaned up by other instance moderators and admins.

I would just eliminate interactivity until kbin pushes an update that fixes the federation moderation issue, because 80% of the kbin content I see these days is just spam.

submitted 1 month ago by Showroom7561 to c/lemmy_ca_support

I'm getting a little tired of seeing 90% of my feed filled with news from Israel and Gaza... on Voyager, you can filter your feed based on keywords, but it seems that the Lemmy web UI only allows for blocking of instances and users.

Am I missing something or can it be done?

submitted 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) by zhenbo_endle to c/lemmy_ca_support

I was trying to reply a post at [email protected] : https://lemmy.ca/post/1127818 , origins from https://lemmy.world/post/1020538

When I clicked "Reply", the little circle on the button had been spinning and never finished.

I refreshed the page, and no surprise, my reply was not posted successfully.

Similar issues has been happening to me in the last few months, and now I finally wrote my issue report.

Is this issue due to our site or their site?

Edit: Closed this issue. See https://lemmy.ca/comment/4133550

submitted 2 months ago by [email protected] to c/lemmy_ca_support

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/5719058

Follow up on a previous post: [DISCUSS] Recent momentary outages

I've been working on a simple opt-in solution, primarily for Lemmy end users like me (but also helpful for admins), to easily check the status/health of their favourite instance.

๐ŸŒŽ lemmy-meter.info

You can find the details of the implementation in lemmy-meter github repo.

โ“ @admins: would you be interested in adding your instance to lemmy-meter?

You don't need to do anything except confirming - I'll handle the rest. It should only take a few minutes for your instance to show up in lemmy-meter.

Out of the box it will send only 4 HTTP GET requests per minute to your instance. However that is totally configurable if it sounds too much or too little.

PS: I wasn't sure how to reach out to the admins short of messaging them individually.

submitted 2 months ago by otter to c/lemmy_ca_support

No rush, and the delay is on me because I didn't message or tag an admin with the post.

I'm requesting /c/CommunityPromo (to get running again) and /c/healthquestions (to close)

What to do when you find a bug? (self.lemmy_ca_support)
submitted 2 months ago by karlhungus to c/lemmy_ca_support

I think i've found a bug, but i'm not sure the protocol for where to submit it.

The bug:

This comment: https://old.lemmy.ca/comment/3118239

For the regular view: https://lemmy.ca/comment/3118239)

  • clicking "show context" shows a sibling comment
  • clicking "View all comments", shows all comments but either my comment or the sibling comment.
  • clicking "1 more reply" returns nothing

I think the parent comment (and replies to my comment have been deleted. Maybe this is intentional behaviour

Actually this might be the bug: https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/3886

submitted 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago) by PuddingFeeling907 to c/lemmy_ca_support

I wanted to create all the canadian telecom communities but then after I made 3 new ones the website wouldn't allow me register more. Is there a weekly limit I should account for?

I just want everyone to have a space on here to talk about communication services.

submitted 2 months ago by uymai to c/lemmy_ca_support

I noticed that kbin.social communities i'm subscribed have broken links in old.lemmy.ca -- not sure if its a config issue or an mlmym issue, but figured i should tell someone


[email protected] link on old.lemmy.ca points to https://old.lemmy.ca/m/[email protected] , https://old.lemmy.ca/c/[email protected] works fine

"Forgot password" form not working (self.lemmy_ca_support)
submitted 3 months ago by mdm_ to c/lemmy_ca_support


Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this, not sure how else to get the attention of the admins. The password reset form for lemmy.ca doesn't work. When you click the "Reset Password" button, the subsequent XHR POST to https://lemmy.ca/api/v3/user/password_reset returns an HTTP 404.

submitted 3 months ago* (last edited 3 months ago) by anonymoose to c/lemmy_ca_support

I've been constantly running into issues of stale content and errors fetching post on lemmy.ca the past couple of days.

While scrolling on my client (Sync), I keep seeing errors about fetching new posts and have to click retry a few times to fetch more posts. At times I have to retry 6-7 times. Additionally, it seems like I'm seeing posts I've already seen a lot from the past more quickly than I'd expect in "Hot".

I tried changing to a different instance and at least the first issue was immediately resolved. Posts were fetched quicker, and I didn't get any more errors while fetching posts.

I haven't run into this on alex.lemmy.ca on desktop (yet), so it's possible that it's an API issue. It's also possibly a Sync bug.

I suspect there's been a recent performance/federation regression, could one of the admins confirm/deny my suspicions? Totally not a problem if it's not something that can be fixed right away, just wanted to bring it to y'all's attention.

Edit: although the screenshot mentions posts being filtered, I don't have enough filters to completely prevent fetching new content

Block an entire instance (self.lemmy_ca_support)
submitted 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago) by Darkassassin07 to c/lemmy_ca_support

How do I block an entire instance?

I'm getting really really sick of blocking dozens of communities from lemmynsfw every single day. It never ends ffs.

If I want porn, I'll go looking for porn. It shouldn't be every third post in my feed.

Honestly, how is anyone supposed to join Lemmy if they all just get flodded with mountains of porn??? I can't imagine anyone that's not already invested in being here wanting to join. (unless their looking for a pornhub alt I guess...)

Not everything NSFW is porn and I'm not looking to remove non-porn so permanently hiding everything tagged NSFW isn't a solution.

submitted 4 months ago by anonymoose to c/lemmy_ca_support

It looks pretty slick and seems like it's officially supported on lemmy.world.

While we're at it, any chance the Alexandrite UI could be supported too?

Thanks! You guys are killing it!

submitted 4 months ago by mp3 to c/lemmy_ca_support

Right now, robots.txt on lemmy.ca is configured this way

User-Agent: *
  Disallow: /login
  Disallow: /login_reset
  Disallow: /settings
  Disallow: /create_community
  Disallow: /create_post
  Disallow: /create_private_message
  Disallow: /inbox
  Disallow: /setup
  Disallow: /admin
  Disallow: /password_change
  Disallow: /search/
  Disallow: /modlog

Would it be a good idea privacy-wise to deny GPTBot from scrapping content from the server?

User-agent: GPTBot
Disallow: /


submitted 4 months ago by Seigest to c/lemmy_ca_support

The "all new" feed is a bit of a mess regardless. Hundreds of porn links being posted on [email protected]. I can't tell if this is bots or some weird and intentionally random thing they are doing.

submitted 4 months ago by Anon819450514 to c/lemmy_ca_support

How is the system running lemmy.ca doing? I'm curious to know about the storage size this instance has and if there was any plan to purge data after X years of inactivity?

submitted 4 months ago by anonymoose to c/lemmy_ca_support

I see a lot of posts like this where the title is truncated. Clicking on the title in an app/browser just seems to take you to the link, so I have no idea what the full title actually says.

This appears to be a bug, unless I'm missing something?

submitted 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago) by mp3 to c/lemmy_ca_support

I just noticed that /u/Synthead@lemmy.world posted in /c/lemmyconnect@lemmy.ca and for some reason it posted twice on this instance

When you take a look at his post history on Lemmy.World, he only posted once.

I'm not sure what situation could have caused a double-post in the backend/ActivityPub level? Anyway I just wanted to flag the odd behavior.

Thanks, and sorry for pinging you @[email protected], not your fault at all.

Instability on the app? (self.lemmy_ca_support)
submitted 4 months ago by ChildrenHalveTraffic to c/lemmy_ca_support

Hey all, I am having trouble submitting requests this morning to Lemmy.ca. Creating posts (like this one) I attempted 3 times all of which failed to complete their requests after minutes of waiting.

Beefier servers needed? More caching? Sure, let's do that. That said, I think there should be some UI improvements on the client side that improve the experience when we do encounter flakey servers.

My suggestion is to time out on the high-request-count workloads on the client side so that you're not accidentally hammering the server with requests that won't complete. Client side js code should convert a request like the create post green button to a error / retry button with text explaning what happened (hey the request timed out after x seconds).

I don't imagine /create_post is a high throughput endpoint, but suffice it to say that my request continued to wait in the queue patiently for the server to never respond and it was also a frustrating client-side experience. Other endpoints are probably the culprit behind any excessive server use.

Client-side it should time out after 15-30 seconds, if not less, so that I'm not just waiting and re-typing everything into the create post form again (because there's no way to retry if it's still waiting for the server response!). Re-typing everything in is the worst!

submitted 4 months ago by AdminWorker to c/lemmy_ca_support

Basically the title. I went to settings > delete > enter password ... And nothing changed. How do you delete a lemmy account?

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